Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A Perfect Day !

Perfection is, broadly, a state of completeness and 


 Day is.The period of light between dawn and nightfall; the interval from sunrise to sunset.

Those definitions really do sum up our day!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Perfect Jewels!

Perfect Jewels of Rain !

I love to see our succulents cradling raindrop jewels.
But our daughter and her friends are arriving on Thursday so can I just show them the photos please!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Have you heard about SIBOL?

Sunshine International Blankets Of Love!
If you have heard all about Sibol you will be just as inspired by the wonderful work of Mrs Twins as me!
If you have not heard all about it be ready to be totally gobsmacked!
A true story of from a little acorn mighty things can grow!
Well, it has been a while since I have contributed to these wonderful blankets. 
So I had a look at the latest challenges and got hooking.

First some squares for the Tropical theme!

Next The Winter Wonderland Challenge!

Loved the texture idea!

And just had to add a few Flowery Squares!

Now it is just a case of a little bit of posting and then wait for the fun to begin.

Mrs Twins works her magic -- slideshows, pictures, writing, and 
then the sqaures are turned into works of Art.
If you don't believe me take a peek!
I can't wait to see mine as part of the show.
And of course you do get a lovely warm feeling thinking that an elderly person is going to be so comforted by these Truly International Blankets of Love.
Hope you have a try!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Happy Easter ! Semana Santa!

Wishing all my lovely readers a weekend filled with happiness and sunshine!
Oh! and a bit of chocolate too of course!
Our Easter tree is assembled.

We shall have a little wander down to our village and celebrate Semana Santa.

And I am sure we will have to nibble on a little chunk of chocolate!

Happy Easter everyone and I am so delighted to welcome lovely new followers to my little bit of " Chalky's World!"
Special thanks also to all the lovely people who pop in and leave lovely comments-- You really do make my day!

Love Linda

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Bigger does not always mean Better!!!

I looked out of the Front Door this morning with a Lemon Cordial Recipe in mind.
It's not hard to see why!

A lovely lemon tree in the garden with sun ripened fruits!

Some ready to be picked.

Some still ripening in the sun.

And sweet smelling Blossom promising more fruit soon!

This "Big Boy" weighed 2 pounds or 1 kilo !
But I have learnt that BIG does not mean better in the world of lemons!

All peel and Pith and even the flesh is not very juicy!

But this little beauty weighing 6 ozs ---

Juicy and perfect!
In 5 minutes following this simple recipe I had made the most delicious Lemon Cordial!
Perfect for a hot,hot day!

And of course I can never think of Lemons without thinking of pancakes and this recipe always works for me!

I wonder what lemons make you think of!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Granny Square before the Spider!

I love Granny Squares!
They link me to some of my happiest memories.
Memories of me learning Craft Work at my Grandma's side.
Craft Work which sustains me every day of my life.
How Granny Squares have changed -- I will not make judgements but they are no longer made from unpicked clothes to keep you warm in a Victorian house heated by 1 coal fire!
Now they are a riot of matching ,blending and favourite colours.
BUT whichever way they are, I love them!!

I have been loving teaching my friend crochet and I have learnt so much about my own crochet by blogging about it here in Chalky's World.
A spin off has been that other people have been inspired to try a bit of hooky magic and before the happy go lucky spiders I want to just post about iconic Grannys!

So here goes!
Basically you are changing an initial circle into a square.
The square can be as big as you desire --- After all Granny's come in a variety of sizes!

Chain 4 and slip stitch into first chain to make a circle/loop..
This is your foundation row and it is a circle.

Chain 3 and in my Granny Square this is counted as the first stitch.

Work 2 more Trebles into your central loop  and chain 1 -- These chains become your corners.

Work 3 more Trebles and Chain 1 ( Your second corner)

Work 3 more Trebles and Chain 1 ( You've guessed it your 3rd corner!)

Finally work 3 Trebles and Slip Stitch into the top/first stitch of your initial 3 Chain.I have put my needle through the Chain to show you where it should go.

Never be afraid to pull your crochet work out to count your stitches.

I have on many occasions found myself trying to work into a 3 cornered square!
Now all is set!

2nd Round

Working into the space your Slip Stitch has just made ( Your 4th Corner in your first round) You almost need to work a little bit behind your hook.Work 3 chains which again counts as your first stitch, 2 Trebles. Chain 1 and to complete the 1st corner on your second round. 3 Trebles.

Miss 3 Trebles and look for the next Chain space from your previous row. Work 3 Trebles, Chain 1. 3 Trebles  ( This is your 2nd corner on your 2nd round)

Miss 3 Trebles again looking for the Chain Space from your previous row and again work 3 Trebles Chain 1. 3 Trebles ( Your 3rd Corner)

To complete your second round and 4th Corner---Miss 3 Trebles and  work 3 Trebles, Chain 1, 3 Trebles in the remaining Chain Space.

Slip Stitch again into the top of your 3rd Chain from your initial 3 Chains.

Have a look -- You have a Square now! Of course 4 corners made up of 6 Trebles with a Chain in the middle of each set. You also 1 space between each group of Trebles.

These spaces allow the Granny square to grow!

3rd Round!
Chain 3and working a little bit backwards work 2 more trebles into the middle space. ( This is the first time we have worked into the space rather than the corner)

Now we are going to the first corner --Work  3 Trebles. 1 Chain, 3 Trebles.
Work 3 Trebles in the next middle space.
Moving on to the 2nd Corner 3 Trebles, 1 Chain, 3 Trebles.
Work 3 Trebles in the next middle space.
Moving on to the 3rd Corner 3 Trebles, 1 Chain, 3 Trebles
3 Trebles in last middle side space
Working 4 th Corner 3 Trebles, 1 Chain, 3 Trebles and slip Stitch into top of 3rd Chain.

Have a look at your work again and you will I hope see a lovely pattern forming.

 The corners stay the same and the amount of sets of 3 trebles in the spaces grows all the time

So now it is " The Worlds Your Crocheted Oyster!"
You can choose how big you want your Granny to be!

You can choose how many colours you want to use.!
One little tip is that when you change colour it is a good idea to do it in a different place in your square. This stops a join line. If you always start with 3 Chain which represents your first stitch your square will stay true and straight!
Oh! Good Luck and as always " Thank You" all for your encouraging comments and I would be delighted to try and help if you have any problems with your Granny's!!