Friday, 18 March 2011

So many good things going on! Tutorial for a very pretty purse!

It really is better to give than receive!
I love Blog Hopping and right now there are so many lovely people doing their bit to try to make a little bit of difference to the suffering of so many around the world.
The lovely blog Paper and String is holding a marvellous raffle for those in Japan.
Pop over and have a look at her wonderful prize.

Well I love using up odds and ends of wool which are often given to me. 
I like to use them for Charity projects, which seems to me the way to keep the kindness going around.
I have blogged about Operation Christmas Child before, and Janet who aims to make 100 puppets a year!
Well I must admit to getting totally obsessed by projects -- do you remember the hedgies!

Well I have been making these little purses to pop in the Shoes Boxes.
This little pattern is so easy and quick to make and I thought you might like to share it - Of course you probably wont make a hundred but every 1 could make a difference.

 Make a chain of 19 stitches and 2 extra chains for turning.
 Starting in the 3rd chain from your hook work 20 trebles along the foundation chain.

Chain 2 for turning. Work 20 trebles to make your 2nd row.Always work the last treble of the row into the turning chain of the previous row as this gives a really neat edge.

Continue in this way until you have completed  18  rows.

It is a good idea to count you have 20 trebles in your row now and again. I have been caught out with the problem of concave edgings when working in rows.

To work the scallop edging you need to work on the long side of your rectangle.

Chain 3 and work 3 trebles in the first space.In the next space work 1 single crochet.In the next space work 3 trebles.

. Continue with this pattern of 3 trebles and 1 single crochet to the end of the row.

To make the second row of the scallop edging chain 3, work 1 single crochet in the middle stitch of the first scallop then 3 trebles in the single crochet stitch from the previous row. Continue in this pattern of 1single crochet and 3 trebles to the end of the row.

Using single crochet stitches join the edge and bottom to join the purse edges. I like to continue this stitch up the folded edge to give a neat finish.

To make the tie, chain 3 and slip stitch to make a loop. Make 5 chain and slip stitch back into the central loop. Repeat this loop 4 more times then chain 80.This makes a pretty flower motif. Leave a long tail for the second flower on the end of the chain to complete the tie.

 Thread tie through the bottom edge of the scallop row and complete the other end of the tie with a flower made with the tail of the wool using the same pattern.

I think the perfect finishing touch would be to pop a chocolate coin in the little purse. After all everybody loves chocolate !


  1. Thank you Diane-- I hope it works for you -- If not please don't hesitate to get back to me. Thank you for popping over to my blog,lovely to see you
    Kindest Regards Linda

  2. I love this little purse, will definitely try making one. The little drawsting tie is so sweet. I will distribute the pattern to my OCC ladies who have been learning to crochet. Just one little point I should make, though - if you make these for OCC, please do not put chocolate inside. OCC do not accept chocolates because, since the boxes may be sent to hot countries, the chocolate can melt and spoil the other gifts inside. Boiled sweets are fine, though, or maybe a little hairslide flower made using Chalky's tutorial for that at Or a small bar of soap, or a hankie.

    Thanks for a lovely tutorial, Chalky.

  3. Thanks for that good advice Janet -- A hankie would fit the bill perfectly!

  4. Brilliant! Thanks for the tutorial, so clear!
    Hugs suex

  5. Hi Linda,

    I'm trying to make one of these right now, and have finished my rectangle. Forgive me I'm a newbie to crochet - what is a single crochet? It's not in my book! Is it sometimes called a slip stitch? I know the americans call our double crochet a single crochet. Please help!


  6. Hi Janet
    Thanks for leaving a comment. Yes I am sorry if I have not been clear I am myself learning so much in these tutorials!!
    A Slip stitch is the same as a Single Crochet in UK terms--- what a shame the stitches aren't the same in both UK and America.
    I don't think it would matter for this sweet purse whether you used a Slip Stitch/Single Crochet or indeed a UK Double Crochet Stitch on the Scalloped edge.
    Thanks again for popping by.

  7. Have just made one of these and its gorgeous! Need to work on my final chains for joining the sides but I shall look at that tomorrow. Thank you so much for such a clear tutorial

  8. thank you Linda for this beautiful and pretty purse and clear instructions and tutorial made so easy to follow, thank you again, you have a Blessed day...

  9. I Linda, over from Tammy's blog. I love to crochet and would like to make one of these. You did a great job on the tutorial. Have you done any crocheting with plarn? Plastic yarn. I have been making totes and purses for charity out of plastic shopping bags. Pop over if you have the time and check out some on my Art and Crochet Page just under my header. So had I found you.

  10. Hi Linda! Glad I found your blog (I became a folllower)! Thanks for the tutorial, I've also tried your pattern, come and check my blog if you wanna see the result!


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