Friday, 11 March 2011

Posted with thoughts of all those who have been affected by the earthquake in Japan

I was in the shower this morning when "The Sporty One" came in to tell me about the earthquake that had hit Japan as we slept safe in our beds back in Ogwell!

It seems very strange to think that disasters seem to have been following our heels. 
We were in Christchurch New Zealand just a few weeks before the earthquake struck there. 
We caught the tail end of Typhoon Wilma and Yaris .
And we loved our time in Tokyo just ten days ago as we made our way home after our amazing trip to see Briony.
So I just want to blog about our wonderful experience in Tokyo as we think of the people there dealing with such a massive natural disaster

We loved the vibrancy of such a massive city at night.

These images from the National Government building 45 floors above street level have a certain unrealism about them now!

We loved the food! It was too delicious to describe!

We were lucky enough to find a free guide on the internet and he shared the love of his city so wonderfully.

Wonderful Parks

Well to spend time in a place so special, and so different from our normal environment made this country so special-- 
And there were some favourite things  which just made us laugh we were so glad that we are brave enough to experience different things--:
 So we have toilets that are more complex than your regular Ipod! 
I came out with seriously wet trousers one day!

The statue of Liberty in Tokyo City!

Very Modern architecture-- the gold flame was supposed to reach vertically for the sky but the planners would not allow it so they just laid it down on its side!

Then we encountered a Japanese bagpipe player giving a very good rendition of the Skye Boat Song!

Oh! and a spider big enough to scare anybody!

Unusual night time deliveries!

Melons priced at over £100 !

And in a city of 24 million people little children travelling all on their own on a bus route that seemed as complicated as the national grid!

So, we left to come home with so many happy memories.
If we could go back after the earthquake today we would write on a votive plaque at a temple for peace and tranquility to return to Japan.
 A beautiful country.


  1. Linda, what absolutely stunning, beautiful pictures you captured of Japan. In light of the tragedy there now, it's truly serendipitous that you were able to visit and take these photos of Tokyo. I'm getting chills just looking at them. My heart dropped when I saw the TV footage of the tsunami. I understand there are 4 million homes currently without electricity... thanks for sharing your lovely photos. Have a nice weekend. xx Josie

  2. Such wonderful photos of a beautiful place. Sad to think they may no longer exist after this tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan.

  3. Lovely photos, Linda, especially poignant after yesterday's terrible disaster. What a beautiful city in a wonderful country; it will take time to rebuild but, one day, the beauty that the Japanese create with such care will emerge again. My heart goes out to those poor people.


  4. Thank you for such lovely comments. It would be wonderful to go back one day and revisit such a beautiful country.
    Our thoughts are with the Japanese people as they come to terms with such devastation.

  5. ... a city of 24 million people ... so pretty and so huge, more than 10 times bigger than my whole country.
    I still can't wrap my head around what's happening over there. My heart goes out for those in Japan.

  6. Hard to believe the devastation in Japan. You were very lucky all those times to miss the devastation of natural disasters. Your photos are a lovely reminder of the beauty of Japan.

  7. What a nice post, our thoughts are with the many people in Japan affected by the earthquake and tsunami. Lovely pictures, somehow makes your trip there even more special. x

  8. Our hearts go to Japan. Your photos also remind my days in Hokaido. Japanese are polite, cities are neat. We pray for those who lost families, lives and wish them be strong to rebuild their home and spirit.

  9. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. Like many others I am so shocked at the dreadful news over there. It's awlful how we all sit in our cozy rooms watching this as it happens!
    Thank you for your kind comments on Mrs Twins. I have linked to Charlottes facebook, and see her beautiful work there. But I don't comment on there, not on facebook. Dont really know how anyway.
    bit confusing....
    Thanks again Hugs Suex


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