Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Now where shall I start? Part 1 Hong Kong Phewy!

Of course it was all about this bundle of fun.
Our youngest daughter is spreading her wings and spending a year in Australia.
Well, we did not need much of an excuse to think a year without seeing her was too long.
 So the answer was to follow in her footsteps!
 Without a backpack I might add.
Now her footsteps make a lovely route to follow but the chance to see some special places in the world was too good to miss.
It is impossible to choose  favourite pictures as we loved so much but, it is also impossible,to not  share a few with you. 

Hong Kong

The light show at night was amazing!

Buildings reaching to the sky.

 What a treat to spend time in a city.
 Such a change from our life in sleepy villages here and in Spain!

Now of course like the film "Sliding Doors" whilst all this sightseeing was going on the chance to spend time with all things Crafty was too good to miss.
The Bead Market in one of the oldest parts of the city was amazing.

Loved the button shop too!

And of course it would be rude to walk past the ribbon shop.

The "Sporty One" was incredibly patient as I walked around like a child in a sweet shop!
His turn later!

Luckily I kept a travel log so we shall be able to reminisce at our leisure!
Now I could spend all day blogging about the rest of our trip but I really have got to get all the debris to deal with.
 So I will put our adventures in New Zealand on soon.


  1. Hi Linda,
    Welcome home! I've really missed your blog but have been following your travels on Facebook and it looks as if you had a fantastic time. It will be an overwhelming job documenting it on here, so its a good thing you kept a travel log.
    By the way I've learned to crochet since you've been away and have made some of your little crochet flowers!
    Take care

  2. Oh Janet -- How lovely of you to follow our travels! Thank you.
    I am so pleased you have learnt to crochet. I love it and I am so pleased the instructions for the flowers were easy enough to follow.

  3. Just great to have you back again Linda, with lots of fond memories of your trip to look forward to...

  4. Hi Linda, so nice to see you post about your travels! That Hong Kong skyline is amazing and lovely to see you were able to check out some craft stores. You'd never be able to drag me out of that bead shop! xxJosie

  5. Looks like the trip was fun so far, and we have only seen one stop!!!! ☺ ☺

  6. Hope you actually did take a spare backpack to fill with all your goodies - buttons, ribbons, fabrics?

  7. I actually bought a new suitcase with a zipped lower section purposely for my Crafty bits! The suitcases got left behind at 1 airport!!!! Was I worried about my clothes etc no but so upset about my buttons,beads and ribbons!!

  8. Your daughter is beautiful! Look at those bunny buttons!


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