Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Leaving New Zealand.

North Island . New Zealand.
We were so sorry to leave South Island and had another slightly atmospheric crossing to the North Island.
 The cloud made Queen Charlotte's Sound and the Cook Straits look moody and threatening.

The North Island has famous geological features centred mainly around Rotorua.
We stayed at the Waikiti Thermal Resort.

What a treat after a days sightseeing to come back to the Campsite and relax in the Natural Thermal Spring pools.

Nearby there is a Geological Park with the most amazing features --
 It seriously smelt!

And my very own Geezer by the Geyser!

There were no Craft Shops in such a natural area but a little bit of Crafty bits and pieces went on during some relaxing time.

Lots of little ones are due at the moment so it was nice to think about them as we were travelling!


  1. Great pics. Sounds like you are having a nice time. I like the idea of the thermal pools.

  2. Love the Geezer's. The thermal area looks interesting, I would love to soak in one of thos pools
    Cute little baby items

  3. Those pools must have been relaxing after a hard day's sightseeing! What a wonderful trip you've had. And productive too!


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