Monday, 20 December 2010

Resourceful -- and very ecologically sound.

Definitely the Best Ever!
We have a tradition in our house that every year we always think the tree is the Best Ever!
Actually this optimistic viewpoint works really well - and we cant remember from one year to another anyway!
Well we have had so much snow since our arrival back in the UK getting a tree was proving tricky to say the least so ever resourceful all it took was a saw and some laughter!

And yes, it does have a little slant and certainly needs to go in the corner but all the old favourites look as happy as ever and we are, so that's all that really counts!

Luckily the Christmas twig lives on the roof of the garage and the glass baubles look very fitting with the snowscene behind!

I hope your Christmas tree has given you as much fun !


  1. Definitely the best tree ever!
    Happy Christmas Linda

  2. Well if we have too many severe winters, you won't have any garden left! 10/10 for resourcefulness.

    Happy Christmas and stay warm and safe!

    Janet x

  3. Everything looks just the glass baubles in the window!


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