Friday, 3 December 2010

Friday, Apron Day, and a game to play!

Apron Day!
I have been busy this week using coffee beans and wool!
What a strange combination!

2 neat little coffee filled pouches.
Add a Jack pouch.

2 different coloured pouches for each player.

We have been playing by throwing them and trying to get as close to the Jack pouch as possible.

So the brown multi coloured pouch is the winner! Guess who threw that one !
 Pop it all in a bag!

I am wondering if the children in Kenya will know how to play a game with all these bits and pieces but I am sure they will soon think of their own ideas even if they are not the same as mine.

Oh! Another week has flown by so Apron Number 4 jumped into my bag at the market today!
I was so glad to see the senor back.

Have a good weekend everybody!


  1. I so appreciate the simplicity and sweetness of your handmade game. The children will enjoy I'm sure and use their imagination with it! Have a good weekend yourself. xx Josie

  2. You are always so clever at creating lovely simple ideas for the benefit of others! And your pinnie collection is growing - must be fun visiting the market each week. I'm sure the senor is glad to see you. Have a lovely weekend. (I've decided to stay indoors this weekend!)


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