Tuesday, 14 December 2010

All comes to those who wait!!

For lots of reasons I have been thinking about the concept of ego of late.

But tonight I was simply thrilled to reach the milestone of 50 followers.
I have been stuck on 49 for absolutely ages and 1 of that number is me!
I have actually always loved to write a diary -- and kept it under the floorboards - so definitely no ego involved there.
And, I write this blog for many,many reasons but not for recognition. 
It truly is not important in that sense.
But to feel a part of a "community",
 To feel in touch with people,
 To share life,ideas,challenges,good causes.
Everyday thoughts and inspirations to me is so important.
 So I will not worry so much that it is my ego which is massaged by followers
 But how lovely that I can share my life with at least 49 people and me!
So a special "Thank you" to Jacqui, number 50, but also a very heartfelt  "thank you" to all my other followers. 
 You make my days very special by your lovely comments


  1. ((((Linda)))

    I was JUST thinking about you the other day when I looked at my little hedgehog sitting on the shelf next to one of my favourite photos taken by a dear friend in London. I miss you and have had a hard time finding your blog!! Need to mark it on my favourites!! :)

    I miss you and hope you are doing well. I need to catch up on reading here now that I've found you.


  2. No, its not the quantity but the quality of your followers that counts! (Says she, stuck on a paltry 14!) Don't let it go to your head, now! :))


  3. Sophia ,so lovely to see you here. I often think of you x
    Janet Thank you for being here so often - I love to read your lovely comments.x

  4. I completely agree with the "community" aspect of blogging. It really is wonderful to find a common connection in some small way with someone across the globe. BTW, thanks for sharing your Hearties pattern. Soooo adorable and it's great you make these for charity. xx Josie


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