Thursday, 4 November 2010

You're never too old for a Pyjama Day!!

Being brought up in the 50's and 60's, staying in your pyjamas or more probably your nightie was reserved for days when you were poorly!

When you caught the dreaded measles and you were shut away in a darkened room for two weeks or the repeated bouts of tonsillitis until you were whisked into hospital without your Mum and they were whipped away!
So a pyjama day is not really ever on  my agenda, although anyone who knows me will vouch for the fact I can be very slow in the mornings.
But when the  " Sporty One" was away and  the house was empty  I woke up determined to settle straight down and finish all the projects I have in various stages of completion-- and there are a lot!! 
So here we go.
Just look what you can achieve in your pyjamas.

So why did I keep hearing a little voice in my head saying
 " someone will knock on the door in a minute and catch you still in your pyjamas at this time of day!!!!!"


  1. What a productive day you've had! I thought I was doing well baking 6 dozen fairy cakes and sharpening 60 pencils - all for shoeboxes, of course! (Well, the fairy cakes are for our launch event on Saturday - they won't go into shoeboxes..) I love your curly key-ring thingys - have you a pattern?

  2. Thank You for popping in
    Key squiggles are a lovely little project.
    Row 1- Chain 20
    Row 2-Work 2 trebles in each chain
    Tah Dah it curls before your eyes
    Make as many strands of curlies as you want and sew firmly on to a key ring
    Ideal for little stocking presents!

  3. Thanks for these instructions, Linda. I'll brush up on my crochet skills and give them a go!

  4. What an inspiration to have a day in pyjamas, Linda - you really achieved loads. So I have hunted out a lovely pair of jammies in winceyette - bright red with smiley monkeys on....all I need now is to get DH and the dogs out of the way and I too could feel that guilt!

  5. Hi Linda

    Perhaps pyjamas are the key to finishing WIPs?! That's a lovely and eclectic bunch of finished items - you must be really pleased to have got them all done. I must put the pyjama theory to the test, I think.

    Like Puppet Lady I've been baking today - it's not often lately that the kitchen is free of building dust so I thought I'd better take advantage!


  6. Great photos! You have been so busy! Think i too will try the curly keyrings!

  7. My, oh! My! You have been so busy! Wonderful! I'll have to try the pj's and see if it works for me! Hugs

  8. Just looking at what you've accomplished I may stay in my pj's a couple of days in a row! Everything looks beautiful too!

  9. If only I'd know that the secret was to stay in my pyjamas! You've spured me on for this weekend - although at chez quilary I suspect that having many other humans around is the reason for many of my non finishes - oh well I'll still tell them I NEED to stay in my pj's all day!


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