Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A Very Unwelcome Visitor!!!!

Ever since we first visited Andalucia I have loved the majestic palms which grow here.
 The area where we live has a semi desert environment.
It has no deciduous trees.
So the palms play a massive role in providing greenery,movement and they almost give the area a tropical feel especially near the coast

I have written about the palms linked to our Tuesday morning Gardening stint at a very dear friends house.

However, since our return we have realised there is a serious problem surrounding these beautiful plants.

It really does sound very serious and things like this often remind me that you don't miss things until it is too late.
 But life is definitely poorer for such a loss.
So today this was the view that greeted us.

This little beastie is the cause of such devastation!

The Red Palm Beetle lays its eggs in a crack in the palm and when the larvae hatch they burrow deep into the palm and eat it from the inside.
There are no real signs until it is too late and the palm fronds collapse!
Well you have to do something in such a situation so today we spent the morning cutting back the remaining palms.

Dragging the fronds for burning in the field nearby.
Treating the plants with a serious dose of insecticide.

So, hopefully the palms will survive not only in the garden but all over Spain.

The Palmeral of Elche in Spain is a plantation of palm trees, and is the largest grove in Europe and one of the largest in the world.
It is thought that palms were originally planted in this location as early as the 5C BC.
It has recently been given UNESCO World Heritage Status.
Sadly the Beetle is a very unwelcome visitor but is certainly there!

Luckily all was not doom and gloom and after all that work I had a lovely walk around and as always the garden is looking beautiful.

I have sung " Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush" with the "littlies" so many times over the years but never knew what it looked like -- Well here is one with the boughs sweeping all the way to the ground!

And look, tucked away in the corner our favourite! Pomegranites just waiting to be picked - Juicy and sweet.

So we left the garden hoping that maybe the palms will be saved-- I do hope so!!


  1. Thats awfull about the trees.How can such little beetles do that much damage !
    Sue x

  2. Hopefully all your efforts will result in saving the palms in your garden.

  3. Thank you so much for your encouraging comments-- lets hope it works x

  4. Thanks for sharing some lovely sunshine pictures. I hope the palms will survive after all your efforts.

  5. Hi LInda - how sad to see those palms cut down, all due to a nasty little creature like that! I'm sure all your hard work will make a difference to their chances of survival, so well done for all the effort. I'm glad the rest of the garden is flourishing!



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