Sunday, 7 November 2010

A little Cross---- over!

A Mobius Curve
The Mobius Cowl and I did not get on!
But I did want to make my sister-in-laws birthday present this year. 
So I decided to copy a little bit of Charles' idea of a cross-over scarf in the ribbing stitch I have been enjoying.
Nice new wool in her favourite shades and a pair of wrist warmers to match!

Hope she likes them !


  1. They look so cosy! I'm sure your sister-in-law will love them, especially as its getting colder now! I think I'll have to make myself a cross-over scarf like that to wear for choir practice - we rehearse in a school hall and its alway freezing as the heating's been turned off by the time we get there!

    love, Janet

  2. Very nice Birthday gift! I like the yarn you've used and its varigated colour. I've been knitting something, too, but I am so slow!

  3. Very nice!! I'm sure she will love the present!!


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