Wednesday, 10 November 2010

It's not too late ----

It's not too late ------ for these !

 Or these !

And it's definitely not too late for this!

We travelled back to Spain a bit later this year as we had 2 special birthdays to celebrate in Ogwell.
 But I was so glad that there were some pomegranates and figs in the market this morning.
As for the blue sky and sunshine -- well that made our return perfect!


  1. Oh lucky you! Its definitely autumnal here today - wet gales! Welcome home to Spain! My inlaws return from there to UK today - I bet they're regretting it!

    I'm so busy with our shoebox campaign at the moment I've not had time to post, but hope to catch up at the weekend. Have a sangria on me!

    Love Janet

  2. Thank you to you both for popping in-- Good luck with all those shoeboxes--- The best thing about Christmas really --- giving and thinking of others and you do it all year round!

  3. Nice pics. Cant beleive you've left us and our gorgeous windy weather for that horrible blue skies and sunshine!

  4. Yes and Andy is in charge of the kitchen for 5 weeks !! Love it!

  5. Hi Linda

    Lovely photos - having had twelve hours of constant rain yesterday, it was nice seeing what blue sky looks like!

    Well, Adrian has been in charge of my kitchen for longer than five weeks - and not for cooking, either, as you know! You lucky thing, you!



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