Friday, 19 November 2010

Introducing the " luvvies!" and Apron Number 2!

Spending our winters in Spain offers lots of opportunities for a different life than the one we enjoy in the U.K.
We spend our time differently.
In Spain, where we live there are very few shops.
We buy mainly fruit and vegetables in the market and eat quite simply.
We use UHT milk so you don't seem to need to pop to the supermarket.
The same goes for butter, here we quite happily use Olive Oil.
Our Spanish House seems to keep very clean all by itself- a massive bonus!
So we spend a lot of time enjoying hobbies:-- reading,Sudoko,walking and anyone who knows me fun with wool!!!

I love to work for charities, and anything to do with children appeals to me.
This year I am concentrating on toys for children in Kenya.
Teddies are great but "variety is the spice of life!"
So these little folk have jumped off the needles, and I love them.
Andy had a lovely Nana who used to knit toys from any scrap of wool and we remember them well.
These are definitely the next generation!

And open the pocket and a lot of love is being sent with them!
I remember my three when whey were little loved hidden surprises and I hope the children in Kenya do too!

Friday means market day and today I bought apron number 2 for the Grandmathers-- there is a debate going on here in Casa Chalky as to whether the straps will be long enough to go around the middle of Kenyan Grandmothers!

They actually are quite short but are we just struggling with stereotypes?
I do know I must choose the most colourful, and as for the straps I will pop a length of elastic in each pocket and they can decide!


  1. I'm sure those kenyan children will love those little folk! The little pocket that opens, reavealing the little heart is such a cute idea - I think I may incorporate it into next year's puppets! And the pinnie is so colourful I bet those ladies will love them.

  2. Hi Jean -- Glad you like them -- I think the little pocket would be perfect on your lovely puppets x

  3. Love these little luvvies!! Will you be posting the pattern for us? The aprons are brilliant, i imagine they will definately be appreciated!

  4. Lovely luvvies - what a brilliant idea! The aprons are great, too, and I'm sure will be much appreciated.


  5. Luscious Luvvies...didn't realise the had a little door to their heart, just perfect.

  6. Thank you -- that description of the little door is just perfect.
    I am working on some "hearties" at the moment so will pop the instructions on for the "luvvies" and "hearties" at the same time!


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