Friday, 12 November 2010

Going back to my roots!

Love is Something If You Give It Away!
After a lovely busy Summer catching up with family and friends we have returned to Spain and it is time to get back to some Charity Crafting!
I really like to support the Charity Group called " Loving Hands". It is run by a truly inspirational woman and her challenges are always interesting and motvating.
After spending so many years with the " littlies" this Challenge was bound to appeal to me!

So out with the wool,needles and hooks and here come the Bears.
So many of my followers love my Header Picture of The Teddies Bear's  Picnic so it's time for a new generation!

I find it so hard not to stuff them but it makes postage so much easier and cheaper!
One of the aspects of the challenge is support for the Grandmother's who are looking after up to 12 children in their house.
To help them feel special, but, also provide a useful present for them sewing kits have been requested.
 So crochet hook out and a little bit of hooking!

Filled with pins and needles-- surely essential with 12 little ones to look after!

Today in the market these colourful aprons were for sale for 2 Euros and again the Grandmothers came to mind so I have decided to buy 1 a week whilst we are here and add to my parcel.

I can't think of a better way of spending my pre Christmas evenings!


  1. Hi Linda,
    You too do so much fantastic work in helping others. I've looked at the Helping Hands site a number of times and its truly inspirational. I still love the teddies - always remind me of my mum, who made so many! (I still have the last one she made, in her 91st year. That one is not going anywhere!)

    Janet x

  2. Hope the charity knitting goes well. the teddies are brilliant!


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