Monday, 15 November 2010

For Hands that do dishes!

A lovely little project!
I had 1 ball of 100% dishcloth cotton and in a couple of hours, and a bit of hooking this was the creation!
All trebles and a Granny Square!

Wrapped in gorgeous "Busy Bee" ribbon and an instruction tag added --

A lovely little project -- a lovely little gift!
I left this behind for my daughter when we came back to Spain -- A great help with Buster's paw prints methinks!


  1. Lovely! My resolution - learn to crochet by the end of the year! (I have done a little, but its not something I can do on autopilot!) Your blog is inspiring, as usual!

  2. Simple but pretty and a nice thanks.

  3. Very nice wash cloths!
    Shame about the palms in spain. Hope your having a nice time out there though! Make the most of the sun cos theres none here!


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