Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Antique or just getting older!

My friend has a "Happy mirror!" 
She feels it reflects a better light, and she definitely looks younger when she glances  in it!

What amazes me is that you can get up in the morning after a lovely sleep and feel twenty something!
Then a reflection peeps at you and you can see your Mum staring back!
How did that happen and more importantly when!
Skype is another minefield.
Loved ones call, you click excitedly and then realise that you should have applied all your make up first.
Yet they look as young as ever.
Of course vanity is something to be very wary of, and a positive attitude to life the best tonic!
I love the way age is viewed in Spain.
On our return this month a leaflet celebrating the Fiesta was in our post.
On the first page, not pictures of the Fiesta King and Queen but pictures celebrating the oldest man and the oldest lady in the village!
In search of the last of the figs we have been visiting the little Pueblo on the hill near us.
Lots of independent sellers bringing their produce from the nearby villages.
This gentleman had some figs -- lovely,but what really caught me eye was the scales he was using!

Two woven baskets and a wooden beam.
They worked beautifully and for my interest a few more figs were dropped in the basket!

Standing beside him was what looked like his son.

He patted his elder on the shoulder and said to me "antiguo!"
I knew that meant antique, and I knew also he meant the scales really, but it was lovely to share the humour.
Humour meant in the kindest way.


  1. What a special post you've done today! Thanks!

  2. I fully agree that a positive attitude is what keeps you young. You always seem to reflect it in your blog, which is one reason that I always read it!

    P.S. Are you making 'figgy pudding'?:))


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