Friday, 26 November 2010

Another Friday -- Meet my " Hearties " and Apron number 31

The "Sporty One" and I often talk about how fast time passes!
The older you get the faster time flies!
So it's Friday- Market Day- Apron Buying Day -- Let's enjoy it Day!
And in between the lovely Crafting Days- Woolly Making Days - Let's Try this Days!
Well, meet my "Hearties" Great fun to make and another little bit of love to send to the Kenyan Project.

Open the "door"
Filled with love!

Each week I like an apron on the market but this week a dear friend boosted the stocks by donating another colourful apron to the collection.
I was so glad this week as the stall holder was not there!


  1. Love your 'Hearties'--they are so cute, and what a nice gift for a child!

  2. A Chalky Challenge - design a puppet version for me! I've been so busy checking shoeboxes lately that knitting has ground to a halt! You've been busy, though. Love these little window things!

  3. Love the hearties! And im sure they'll be loved where ever they get sent! I like the latest apron too from previous post!

  4. Hi Linda, thanks so much for visiting me and your nice comment. What a delightful blog you have, just a joy to see your banner and then your 'Hearties'. And I have to say I'm envious of your winter home! We traveled through Andalucia several years ago and LOVED it. You are a lucky lady :-) xxx Josie

  5. The Hearties are so cute - lots of love to share

  6. Thanks for popping by and leaving such lovely comments x


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