Friday, 26 November 2010

Another Friday -- Meet my " Hearties " and Apron number 31

The "Sporty One" and I often talk about how fast time passes!
The older you get the faster time flies!
So it's Friday- Market Day- Apron Buying Day -- Let's enjoy it Day!
And in between the lovely Crafting Days- Woolly Making Days - Let's Try this Days!
Well, meet my "Hearties" Great fun to make and another little bit of love to send to the Kenyan Project.

Open the "door"
Filled with love!

Each week I like an apron on the market but this week a dear friend boosted the stocks by donating another colourful apron to the collection.
I was so glad this week as the stall holder was not there!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Antique or just getting older!

My friend has a "Happy mirror!" 
She feels it reflects a better light, and she definitely looks younger when she glances  in it!

What amazes me is that you can get up in the morning after a lovely sleep and feel twenty something!
Then a reflection peeps at you and you can see your Mum staring back!
How did that happen and more importantly when!
Skype is another minefield.
Loved ones call, you click excitedly and then realise that you should have applied all your make up first.
Yet they look as young as ever.
Of course vanity is something to be very wary of, and a positive attitude to life the best tonic!
I love the way age is viewed in Spain.
On our return this month a leaflet celebrating the Fiesta was in our post.
On the first page, not pictures of the Fiesta King and Queen but pictures celebrating the oldest man and the oldest lady in the village!
In search of the last of the figs we have been visiting the little Pueblo on the hill near us.
Lots of independent sellers bringing their produce from the nearby villages.
This gentleman had some figs -- lovely,but what really caught me eye was the scales he was using!

Two woven baskets and a wooden beam.
They worked beautifully and for my interest a few more figs were dropped in the basket!

Standing beside him was what looked like his son.

He patted his elder on the shoulder and said to me "antiguo!"
I knew that meant antique, and I knew also he meant the scales really, but it was lovely to share the humour.
Humour meant in the kindest way.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Introducing the " luvvies!" and Apron Number 2!

Spending our winters in Spain offers lots of opportunities for a different life than the one we enjoy in the U.K.
We spend our time differently.
In Spain, where we live there are very few shops.
We buy mainly fruit and vegetables in the market and eat quite simply.
We use UHT milk so you don't seem to need to pop to the supermarket.
The same goes for butter, here we quite happily use Olive Oil.
Our Spanish House seems to keep very clean all by itself- a massive bonus!
So we spend a lot of time enjoying hobbies:-- reading,Sudoko,walking and anyone who knows me fun with wool!!!

I love to work for charities, and anything to do with children appeals to me.
This year I am concentrating on toys for children in Kenya.
Teddies are great but "variety is the spice of life!"
So these little folk have jumped off the needles, and I love them.
Andy had a lovely Nana who used to knit toys from any scrap of wool and we remember them well.
These are definitely the next generation!

And open the pocket and a lot of love is being sent with them!
I remember my three when whey were little loved hidden surprises and I hope the children in Kenya do too!

Friday means market day and today I bought apron number 2 for the Grandmathers-- there is a debate going on here in Casa Chalky as to whether the straps will be long enough to go around the middle of Kenyan Grandmothers!

They actually are quite short but are we just struggling with stereotypes?
I do know I must choose the most colourful, and as for the straps I will pop a length of elastic in each pocket and they can decide!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A Very Unwelcome Visitor!!!!

Ever since we first visited Andalucia I have loved the majestic palms which grow here.
 The area where we live has a semi desert environment.
It has no deciduous trees.
So the palms play a massive role in providing greenery,movement and they almost give the area a tropical feel especially near the coast

I have written about the palms linked to our Tuesday morning Gardening stint at a very dear friends house.

However, since our return we have realised there is a serious problem surrounding these beautiful plants.

It really does sound very serious and things like this often remind me that you don't miss things until it is too late.
 But life is definitely poorer for such a loss.
So today this was the view that greeted us.

This little beastie is the cause of such devastation!

The Red Palm Beetle lays its eggs in a crack in the palm and when the larvae hatch they burrow deep into the palm and eat it from the inside.
There are no real signs until it is too late and the palm fronds collapse!
Well you have to do something in such a situation so today we spent the morning cutting back the remaining palms.

Dragging the fronds for burning in the field nearby.
Treating the plants with a serious dose of insecticide.

So, hopefully the palms will survive not only in the garden but all over Spain.

The Palmeral of Elche in Spain is a plantation of palm trees, and is the largest grove in Europe and one of the largest in the world.
It is thought that palms were originally planted in this location as early as the 5C BC.
It has recently been given UNESCO World Heritage Status.
Sadly the Beetle is a very unwelcome visitor but is certainly there!

Luckily all was not doom and gloom and after all that work I had a lovely walk around and as always the garden is looking beautiful.

I have sung " Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush" with the "littlies" so many times over the years but never knew what it looked like -- Well here is one with the boughs sweeping all the way to the ground!

And look, tucked away in the corner our favourite! Pomegranites just waiting to be picked - Juicy and sweet.

So we left the garden hoping that maybe the palms will be saved-- I do hope so!!

Monday, 15 November 2010

For Hands that do dishes!

A lovely little project!
I had 1 ball of 100% dishcloth cotton and in a couple of hours, and a bit of hooking this was the creation!
All trebles and a Granny Square!

Wrapped in gorgeous "Busy Bee" ribbon and an instruction tag added --

A lovely little project -- a lovely little gift!
I left this behind for my daughter when we came back to Spain -- A great help with Buster's paw prints methinks!

Friday, 12 November 2010

Going back to my roots!

Love is Something If You Give It Away!
After a lovely busy Summer catching up with family and friends we have returned to Spain and it is time to get back to some Charity Crafting!
I really like to support the Charity Group called " Loving Hands". It is run by a truly inspirational woman and her challenges are always interesting and motvating.
After spending so many years with the " littlies" this Challenge was bound to appeal to me!

So out with the wool,needles and hooks and here come the Bears.
So many of my followers love my Header Picture of The Teddies Bear's  Picnic so it's time for a new generation!

I find it so hard not to stuff them but it makes postage so much easier and cheaper!
One of the aspects of the challenge is support for the Grandmother's who are looking after up to 12 children in their house.
To help them feel special, but, also provide a useful present for them sewing kits have been requested.
 So crochet hook out and a little bit of hooking!

Filled with pins and needles-- surely essential with 12 little ones to look after!

Today in the market these colourful aprons were for sale for 2 Euros and again the Grandmothers came to mind so I have decided to buy 1 a week whilst we are here and add to my parcel.

I can't think of a better way of spending my pre Christmas evenings!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

It's not too late ----

It's not too late ------ for these !

 Or these !

And it's definitely not too late for this!

We travelled back to Spain a bit later this year as we had 2 special birthdays to celebrate in Ogwell.
 But I was so glad that there were some pomegranates and figs in the market this morning.
As for the blue sky and sunshine -- well that made our return perfect!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

A little Cross---- over!

A Mobius Curve
The Mobius Cowl and I did not get on!
But I did want to make my sister-in-laws birthday present this year. 
So I decided to copy a little bit of Charles' idea of a cross-over scarf in the ribbing stitch I have been enjoying.
Nice new wool in her favourite shades and a pair of wrist warmers to match!

Hope she likes them !

Thursday, 4 November 2010

You're never too old for a Pyjama Day!!

Being brought up in the 50's and 60's, staying in your pyjamas or more probably your nightie was reserved for days when you were poorly!

When you caught the dreaded measles and you were shut away in a darkened room for two weeks or the repeated bouts of tonsillitis until you were whisked into hospital without your Mum and they were whipped away!
So a pyjama day is not really ever on  my agenda, although anyone who knows me will vouch for the fact I can be very slow in the mornings.
But when the  " Sporty One" was away and  the house was empty  I woke up determined to settle straight down and finish all the projects I have in various stages of completion-- and there are a lot!! 
So here we go.
Just look what you can achieve in your pyjamas.

So why did I keep hearing a little voice in my head saying
 " someone will knock on the door in a minute and catch you still in your pyjamas at this time of day!!!!!"