Sunday, 24 October 2010

Let's Cosy On Down!

My Dad was a great collector and hoarder!
I am glad I have not inherited that trait.
The older I get the more tired and exasperated clutter makes me feel.
Dad loved Torquay Pottery and collected it over many,many years.
I love the pieces I have, which remind me of him.

Teapots definitely do seem cosier with a cosy and I love this cheery Apple pattern

My love affair with hot water bottles is long standing and constant.
I even take one on holiday -- just in case!

Nicer in a cosy!

Cold hands in winter!

Nicer to be cosy!

And my very favourite bit of cosiness!
I have finished the soothing ripple blanket and for the first time been decisive enough to set it in a border of single crochet!

So as the winter days get nearer, what a lovely sight, -- just cosy down!

Charlotte has been busy too making some lovely things -- just perfect for the cold days ahead.
Have a little look at her gorgeous crochet here.


  1. I really love your ripple blanket. The colours are very soft and soothing. How did you do the border?

  2. Hello -- Thank you for such a lovely comment. I did about six rows of single crochet all around the edge just placing the first stitches as evenly as possible. Its easier on the Foundation row and the last row. I started with that so it gave me an indication of the spacing on the sides. But I am pleased with it as it seems more finished.
    Thanks again. Lovely to see you popping in. Kindest Regards Linda

  3. Blanket looks really good!! You have inspired me to finish my ripple! Maybe after the craft fayres! x

  4. Hi Linda. It's that time of year when everything needs a cosy, I think! Love the blanket - gorgeous colours and beautifully edged! Everything else in your post is lovely, too, as are all Charlotte's goodies!


  5. I often suffer from 'mouse hand' - cold right hand from holding the mouse! Your fingerless gloves look lovely for preventing that. Well, everything does, actually! I've never seen a heart-shaped hot water bottle, where did you get it?

  6. Unfortunately we could do with some of that coziness down here at the moment - the colours look wonderful

  7. Everything is so lovely. Any chance you can give us the tea cozy pattern or direct us to it?


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