Friday, 15 October 2010

If I were an animal -------

This would be my definition! 
"A kind of arboreal rodent having a long bushy tail !"

So a squirrel it is!
I just love making chutney and storing it away.
But not these jars.
They are for Charlotte who is having a Craft stall at work.
I hope these go well.
In the Churchyard near me there is a beautiful apple tree which is laden with fruits.
A good start to this lovely recipe.

Apple Chutney.
6 lbs of apples  ( weight after peeling )
2.5 lbs of Soft Brown Sugar
1.5 pints of vinegar
4 ozs salt
2 ozs garlic
2 ozs mustard seeds
2 ozs ground ginger
1 lb raisins
3 heaped tsps cayenne pepper.
  • Soften the apples with the brown sugar. ( Keep stirring at this stage or the sugar may weld to the bottom of the pan!! )
  • Add all the other ingredients and simmer til pulpy and reduced. ( if you run the spoon across the surface of the chutney the vinegar should not fill the channel)
  • Stir frequently
  • Bottle in warm sterilised jars. ( Either wash in a dishwasher or stand freshly washed jars upside down in a warm oven for 10 mins)
Makes about 12 lbs.

I do think squirrels are lovely!


  1. mmm I can almost smell that chutney cooking !

  2. Looks very good - but seems like a lot of salt!? And ginger! Maybe its me - I don't do lb and oz any more.

    I'm not really in limbo - I'm making another Mickey - trying to work out the pattern from the one I did before. Watch my blog! (I know you do anyway!)

    Enjoy your weekend


  3. wow looks great! You've been busy!!

  4. Thanks Janet for popping in I think the amounts seem big because it makes 12 lb ---- If you have the chance of free apples it is great because the bulk is 6lb of peeled apples. It really is good though. If you fancy swop 1 oz of ginger to 1/2 oz of Cumin and 1/2 oz of sweet paprika

  5. Mmmmm, was enticed to visit by your promise of a great chutney recipe - and was not disappointed - this sounds very tasty. Thank you.xx

  6. Made last weeks apple crop into Dorset snow apple cake and compote. Saved this recipe for this weeks apples, shelves full of chutney shortly. Looking forward to tasting it too! Thank you Linda for providing the recipe it will make a change from the green tomato chutney.


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