Thursday, 30 September 2010

When I spent my time with the "littlies"

I taught for so many years!
Some of them with the lovely Sal from Sal's Snippets.

It was a very special time in my life and I do feel very privileged to have spent so many years with children in their formative years.
So that is where "Chalky" of Chalky's World comes from!
I met the "Sporty One" at Teachers Training College and the rest as they say is history.
Teaching  young children is so rewarding.
They were 3 years old in the Nursery, and up to 8 in Key Stage One.
This means a lot of time is spent dealing with very basic concepts.
 One of which is recognising different colours.
When didn't you know that a cherry is red or a banana yellow?
One of the ways we thought about colour was through poetry.
Red is --- 
Red is James in Thomas the Tank.
Red is a Fire Engine
Red is a rose.
Red is a cherry
Red is a strawberry.
Red is fire.
Red is anger.
Red is my T Shirt.
Red is all of  these things, and for me in my life, a few more -

What's Red in your life?


  1. The red tomatoes (home-grown) in tonight's lasagne.
    The red (and white) puppet in today's post.
    The red strap on my camera that always falls in the way at the wrong moment.
    The red berries on the cotoneasa horizontalis.
    The red glow from under my computer mouse.

    Linda, you're a very colourful lady!

  2. The red of the swamp maples in fall, the red of the burning bush, the red glow of the fire warming a cool and damp house! The red heart for the ones you love, and whom love you, The red roses still blooming though autumn has arrived. Hugs. Because hugs have warmth to them. ;-)

  3. And juicy, sweet, crisp apples

  4. Great posts Linda.
    i thoroughly enjoyed looking at your family photos too!
    Have a good weekend,
    love Suex

  5. Red is Warm
    The feeling i have when i think of those wonderful times spent working along side you.
    I draw on all the skills and ideas you gave me on a daily basis.

  6. Red is my hair.
    And baby's nose after many wipes.
    And love. : )

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