Thursday, 23 September 2010

Officially the first day of Autumn --- or maybe not!!!!

On the News this morning it was announced it is officially the first day of Autumn today.

 Whilst out on my ramblings I have seen that summer is drawing to a close and  Autumn is upon us.

Sloes and elderberries in the hedgerows.

But maybe not. 
The last flush of summer.
Sweet Peas in the garden.


  1. Hi Linda
    First of all thank you so much for my parcel - it's just perfect, and so pretty!
    I love your autumn berry pictures - and well done for keeping your sweet peas going so long. Mine got neglected in the heat of the summer and the building work, but I'm hoping at least to get some seeds from them for next year! I do still have signs of summer in the garden, with the roses in their second flush and some perennials flowering again too.

    But I'm making a casserole tonight - so it must be autumn!

    Thanks once again

    Janet x

  2. Oh, yes the leaves are changing colours here, and the night's temperatures dropping near freezing. It's crisp and cool, when it isn't raining, so your little rainbow package brightened my day! It's a touch of summer on a fall day. Thank you so much!

  3. Hi Linda,

    I received my piece of the rainbow today and it's so bright and gorgeous. I'm especialy in love with the orange striped buttons and feel compelled to create something to show then off.

    The summer has long since gone in Scotland and I'm busy making blankets for the chills to come.

    The flower seeds are so sweet and I can't wait to see them in bloom.

    A BIG thank you and have a great weekend :-)

  4. So glad everyone is enjoying a little bit of the rainbow-- I really enjoyed collecting all the little bits and pieces for everyon


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