Thursday, 9 September 2010

Happy Birthday -- Chalky's World is one!

1!  1!  1!  1!   1!   1!   1!   

Oh, how I have enjoyed this first year!

Of course the only way to celebrate a birthday is to give presents.
I do love wrapping presents and using colourful paper.
All the colours of the rainbow.
I love Rainbows.

On some sad days in my life I have looked up and there in the sky has been a rainbow.

 Almost like a promise that " this time will pass." 
And, thankfully time heals and the sun comes out again.

So, a year has passed since my blogging adventure began.
 I found this rainbow tissue with a gift for you in mind.

 If you would like to leave a comment and let me know your favourite colour of the rainbow I will send a little colourful gift to you with lots of love.
Now where are those cakes!


  1. Congratulations on your year !
    Think mine would be blue - blue sky blue sea etc
    Sue x

  2. A whole year of wonderful, funny, sunny postings, ,Linda well done you.....Purples through to pale lilacs

  3. A whole year wow!!!
    My colour is definitely green

  4. Happy Blog Anniversary!! Or do they call that a Blogiversary? Many Happy Returns of the Day! If I had to choose one colour....okay, then, how about fuschia?

  5. I'm not entering your giveaway as I fear the prize might be a chair..or even two!!
    But my fave colour of the rainbow is red.;-)

  6. HAPPY Birthday and well done :-)

    I as usual completely forgot my blogs birthday D'oh.

    This week I'd pick organge.

    See you have some cake :-)

  7. This is fun!! I am really enjoying thinking about you all --- Blue is ready for dispatch so can you please email me your address Vintage from the Village! Details on side bar!
    Purples to lilacs next!!

  8. Purples to pale lilacs all ready for the off -- I must now concentrate on the supper or the " Sporty One" will be white!

  9. Congratulations on your first year of blogging. I hope you will have many more. I think all the colors in the rainbow are my favorite, it's so hard to pick just one.

  10. Happy blogiversary and well done for your intersting and often thought-provoking blog. I do so enjoy reading it. I would say blues to lilacs are my favourite, although I'm going through a green phase at the moment!

    I hope you're going to give yourself a nice present - you deserve it! (I guess it would be blue??)

  11. Congrats - it is quite an achievement.
    As to my favourite rainbow colour (which I saw an absolutely large, beautiful one late yesterday afternoon) well that's hard to say - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, ...... oops that is the rainbow ☺ I don't like to discriminate ☺

  12. I dont believe this 'SNAP!'.
    Thats so funny!
    I like all the colours of the rainbow!
    OOh goodness what a surprise Chalky!
    you and me! ha.ha. :)

    Love Suex

  13. wow a whole year! Well done you and thank you for sharing it with us! Rainbows are Gods way of reminding us of his promise that he will never flood the land again (as with Noah...
    Alas my teal isnt in a rainbow but would go blue of green as the closest cols!!
    Happy birthday me lovely!

  14. PURPLE PURPLE PURPLE!!!!!!!!!!!
    You already know this but i'm just making a point of writing a comment on your blog! (private joke haha)

    Can't beleive you've been doing this for a whole year, i may go back and read your first post! Keep up with the blogging!!! x

  15. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving great comments Linda,
    very much appreciated.
    Love to you

  16. really Linda? has it only been a year? i feel like i've "known you" for much longer!!

    happy 1!! and may there be many more years of posts to come! xx

  17. Congratulations on a year of blogging. You look like you have had a lot of fun too! I go through phases of 'favourite colour' - at the moment it's green!

  18. Oooh just seen this! I don't need to state a colour as I've already had nice gifts from you :)

    Congrats on the one year blogging - addictive isn't it? x

  19. Well It is time for my next post but thank you all for joining in the fun!! Please bear with me as I get your little packages sorted -- I had a wedding to go to!!!

  20. HI hun

    Can't believe it's been a year already Linda ----

    happy blog birthday!!

    AS for the rainbows -0 tears through happiness, and my favourite colour at the moment, apart from the purples, has to be yellow!!

    with love,

    Dawn xx

  21. I love the blue!! Happy Anniversary!

  22. Hi Thank you so much for the great blue parcel !
    It was very kind of you.
    Your village looks lovely by the way
    Best wishes
    Sue x

  23. My pretty fuschia package arrived today! Hooray! A little piece of the rainbow to brighten my day! Thanks so much for your made me smile.


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