Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A Good Look and a quick walk home! My village Part 2 !

Celebrations in the Village!

In the late 18th Century ,Archdeacon Polwhele described his approach to East Ogwell thus"When we have reached the top of the hill that commands the view of Ogwell village,we are struck by by a number of agreeable objects - the church lying in the bottom amidst various scattered houses,the tufting of the hedges, the plough and meadow land between,the little green hills where Ingsdon rises,the dark spots of wood that add richness to fertility, and the gentle undulation of the remoter hills that bound the horizon."

I left you looking up Church Path in my last post, promising to return!

St Bartholomew's Church
The present church building dates back to the mid 15th century.It consists of a nave with a rood screen between the chancel, a tower with six bells, north aisle with Lady Chapel and a south transcept (The Reynell Chapel). The church was restored in 1886. 


 East Ogwell Cross 

"East Ogwell Cross, an intact ancient stone cross surviving as a Wayside Cross. Made of stone with a Maltese Cross head and chamfered shaft on no visible base.The oldest section is thought to date from the medieval period. There is a round headed niches in the centre of each side of the cross face."

As you enter the Church Gates the imposing medieval Manor House almost touches the Church walls.
From a distance the towers almost look as one.
 The bells certainly make a good alarm clock early on Sunday mornings.
I can't guess how many weddings,including mine have been viewed from the windows!

Lovely old leaded windows.

What a welcome at the Church doors.

 A lovely lady called Peggy always decorates the entrance arch.

You always know that the Flower Festival is going to be a treat.
 I have to be honest, my visits these days are always tinged with sadness, because my Mum used to lead the band of flower arrangers. 
However, she would have loved these displays, with the theme Celebrations!

The window displays really did look stunning.

Lovely photos and memorabilia.
celebrating the end of World War Two.

Delphiniums and summer blooms -- just lovely on the font.
Happy memories of my three being christened!

Lovely little touches which were just there to enjoy.

And grand displays celebrating Bonfire Night!
The "Sporty One would love this to celebrate his birthday.

So one last look at a pretty village church.

And I did take the quick route home!


  1. I really enjoyed that lovely walk around your village! ;-)

  2. What a treat it was to visit your village - I only wish I had been there in person! I particularly like the decorated arch.

  3. Wonderful photos - Flowers decorating the church is not something that is done in Australia - a little at the end of church pews for weddings, but not much else


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