Saturday, 18 September 2010

Celebrations in the village. Come and join me for a wander - Part 1 !

A Little wander around my village!
East Ogwell lies at the head of a little valley 2 miles South-West of Newton Abbot. It probably developed here around a water source; the stream which flows out of the valley to the North.
 A settlement has been at East Ogwell since the 5th or 6th Century A.D when a small Christian site with a graveyard existed, probably on the the site of the present Church.
I can walk to the church so quickly from our house. 
A few steps along Church Path, through the kissing gate and I am in the Churchyard.

Every morning I pull back the curtains and look out over the fields.

And the Church.

But today, although I wanted to go to the church I grabbed my camera and walked a meandering route enjoying all my favourite parts of the village.
Past a beautifully thatched Devon Long House.

Up to the lane which always reminds me of my children on their bikes, and them squealing on rope swings hanging on the boughs of the trees.

Up to the stile when a longer walk is needed with Buster!

East Ogwell has always had strong farming links and even on these September days the  work goes on.

The Village Green.
A place for thinking,dreaming,wishing and remembering.
How often we have sat on the seat and talked about so many events in our life.

Here, evidence of prehistoric field boundaries and circular huts still survive to the eastern side.
The small outcrop you can see in the distance is Dartmoor and Haytor Rocks.

Closer to home, St Bartholomew's Church and Farmer Stone's fields.

Crossing the green brings you to the head of the village.

And as you wander down the hill there really are some lovely houses and cottages lining the road.

School House and The Memorial Hall.
The Old School House.
The Old Post Office and The Old Bakery which actually had a working bakehouse with a roly-poly baker called Tom Dawe.

Thankfully the oldest part of the village falls within a Conservation area with some Grade 11 listed properties. I just love them!

Rose Cottages.Wedgewood Cottage and The Jolly Sailor.
Someone did explain to me once why a country village should have a nautically named pub! 

Lovely glimpses from the roadside.
The medieval Manor House stands proud and almost touches the Church.This important group of medieval buildings forms the historic core of the  village.

Over the years derelict barns and outbuildings have been renovated providing a variety of homes.

One of my favourite corners where a lovely Christmas market is held every year.

And here we are in Church Path at the end of my meandering 
I was on my way to the Flower Festival which is held in the Church.

I promise to show you how wonderful it was in my next post and I will take you home the quick way!


  1. Oh Linda, your village is quite lovely! I love it alot. Ahhhhh....closing my eyes and imagining my feet walking upon the roads there. tee hee :)


  2. What history at your door-step! I've always wanted to live in a quaint little village...maybe one day. I've enjoyed the tour of your village. thank you.

  3. Linda, your home town looks wonderful. Checked out a big map of UK to get my bearings first as to whereabouts your located. I would wander around their constantly - love old buildings, especially when they are restored

  4. Linda, lovely photos of such a wonderful part of the UK. I have always found something magical about Devon, especially this bit! My youngest son and his wife love Haytor so much he proposed to her at the top of it! Please take the long way round for your next trip!

    Can't wait to see the photos of the Flower Festival!


  5. What a lovely walk of your village. It looks like a charming place. I really enjoyed my trip to Devon and was on Haytor last Wednesday!

  6. Thank you for such lovely comments. I am so glad you liked a little meander in my world.

  7. What a beautiful village! Living there must really inspire your creativity:)

  8. Really nice pics Linda. Love the old cottages!


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