Thursday, 30 September 2010

When I spent my time with the "littlies"

I taught for so many years!
Some of them with the lovely Sal from Sal's Snippets.

It was a very special time in my life and I do feel very privileged to have spent so many years with children in their formative years.
So that is where "Chalky" of Chalky's World comes from!
I met the "Sporty One" at Teachers Training College and the rest as they say is history.
Teaching  young children is so rewarding.
They were 3 years old in the Nursery, and up to 8 in Key Stage One.
This means a lot of time is spent dealing with very basic concepts.
 One of which is recognising different colours.
When didn't you know that a cherry is red or a banana yellow?
One of the ways we thought about colour was through poetry.
Red is --- 
Red is James in Thomas the Tank.
Red is a Fire Engine
Red is a rose.
Red is a cherry
Red is a strawberry.
Red is fire.
Red is anger.
Red is my T Shirt.
Red is all of  these things, and for me in my life, a few more -

What's Red in your life?

Monday, 27 September 2010

Happy 80th Birthday!

Birthday's and a very happy weekend!
Can it really be a year since we celebrated Dear Mother In Laws birthday in Padstow?
Well, reaching the grand age of 80 deserved a special weekend of celebrations, and more than a few lovely surprises!
So the bunting was hung,balloons blown and wishes for sunshine,
Ben and Sarah travelling all the way from Florida to share the special celebrations.
The furthest maybe, but what a lovely family occasion with sixteen family and friends coming from all over the country!

Iris's for Iris!

The weather was gorgeous for the whole weekend  and a Minibus gave everyone the chance to raise their glasses!

What a treat. Mum was determined to celebrate in style so we were treated to a lovely meal in Torquay.

What a view over Torquay as the sun was setting.

The grandchildren -- Oh! we did miss Briony!

Saturday was soon over but Sunday was just as special with
 a lovely family Sunday Lunch 

Just leaving dear Buster to help with the clearing up!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Officially the first day of Autumn --- or maybe not!!!!

On the News this morning it was announced it is officially the first day of Autumn today.

 Whilst out on my ramblings I have seen that summer is drawing to a close and  Autumn is upon us.

Sloes and elderberries in the hedgerows.

But maybe not. 
The last flush of summer.
Sweet Peas in the garden.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A Good Look and a quick walk home! My village Part 2 !

Celebrations in the Village!

In the late 18th Century ,Archdeacon Polwhele described his approach to East Ogwell thus"When we have reached the top of the hill that commands the view of Ogwell village,we are struck by by a number of agreeable objects - the church lying in the bottom amidst various scattered houses,the tufting of the hedges, the plough and meadow land between,the little green hills where Ingsdon rises,the dark spots of wood that add richness to fertility, and the gentle undulation of the remoter hills that bound the horizon."

I left you looking up Church Path in my last post, promising to return!

St Bartholomew's Church
The present church building dates back to the mid 15th century.It consists of a nave with a rood screen between the chancel, a tower with six bells, north aisle with Lady Chapel and a south transcept (The Reynell Chapel). The church was restored in 1886. 


 East Ogwell Cross 

"East Ogwell Cross, an intact ancient stone cross surviving as a Wayside Cross. Made of stone with a Maltese Cross head and chamfered shaft on no visible base.The oldest section is thought to date from the medieval period. There is a round headed niches in the centre of each side of the cross face."

As you enter the Church Gates the imposing medieval Manor House almost touches the Church walls.
From a distance the towers almost look as one.
 The bells certainly make a good alarm clock early on Sunday mornings.
I can't guess how many weddings,including mine have been viewed from the windows!

Lovely old leaded windows.

What a welcome at the Church doors.

 A lovely lady called Peggy always decorates the entrance arch.

You always know that the Flower Festival is going to be a treat.
 I have to be honest, my visits these days are always tinged with sadness, because my Mum used to lead the band of flower arrangers. 
However, she would have loved these displays, with the theme Celebrations!

The window displays really did look stunning.

Lovely photos and memorabilia.
celebrating the end of World War Two.

Delphiniums and summer blooms -- just lovely on the font.
Happy memories of my three being christened!

Lovely little touches which were just there to enjoy.

And grand displays celebrating Bonfire Night!
The "Sporty One would love this to celebrate his birthday.

So one last look at a pretty village church.

And I did take the quick route home!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Celebrations in the village. Come and join me for a wander - Part 1 !

A Little wander around my village!
East Ogwell lies at the head of a little valley 2 miles South-West of Newton Abbot. It probably developed here around a water source; the stream which flows out of the valley to the North.
 A settlement has been at East Ogwell since the 5th or 6th Century A.D when a small Christian site with a graveyard existed, probably on the the site of the present Church.
I can walk to the church so quickly from our house. 
A few steps along Church Path, through the kissing gate and I am in the Churchyard.

Every morning I pull back the curtains and look out over the fields.

And the Church.

But today, although I wanted to go to the church I grabbed my camera and walked a meandering route enjoying all my favourite parts of the village.
Past a beautifully thatched Devon Long House.

Up to the lane which always reminds me of my children on their bikes, and them squealing on rope swings hanging on the boughs of the trees.

Up to the stile when a longer walk is needed with Buster!

East Ogwell has always had strong farming links and even on these September days the  work goes on.

The Village Green.
A place for thinking,dreaming,wishing and remembering.
How often we have sat on the seat and talked about so many events in our life.

Here, evidence of prehistoric field boundaries and circular huts still survive to the eastern side.
The small outcrop you can see in the distance is Dartmoor and Haytor Rocks.

Closer to home, St Bartholomew's Church and Farmer Stone's fields.

Crossing the green brings you to the head of the village.

And as you wander down the hill there really are some lovely houses and cottages lining the road.

School House and The Memorial Hall.
The Old School House.
The Old Post Office and The Old Bakery which actually had a working bakehouse with a roly-poly baker called Tom Dawe.

Thankfully the oldest part of the village falls within a Conservation area with some Grade 11 listed properties. I just love them!

Rose Cottages.Wedgewood Cottage and The Jolly Sailor.
Someone did explain to me once why a country village should have a nautically named pub! 

Lovely glimpses from the roadside.
The medieval Manor House stands proud and almost touches the Church.This important group of medieval buildings forms the historic core of the  village.

Over the years derelict barns and outbuildings have been renovated providing a variety of homes.

One of my favourite corners where a lovely Christmas market is held every year.

And here we are in Church Path at the end of my meandering 
I was on my way to the Flower Festival which is held in the Church.

I promise to show you how wonderful it was in my next post and I will take you home the quick way!