Tuesday, 17 August 2010

A Takeaway versus cooking at home!

I wonder if I am the only person who is often disappointed with Takeaways!
I am sure it must be me because I am often disappointed when I go out for meals as well!

I really am not mean, but sometimes when you get the bill it's hard not to say " How Much!!!"
The"Sporty One" does not appreciate the small portions you sometimes get no matter how artistically presented they are!
So recently we have been revisiting Cookery Books and Magazines like" Good Food" and actually choosing new recipes rather than cooking the usual old favourites.
Of course another nice thing to do is visit lovely friends and they cook you gorgeous meals!
So if you fancy a most delicious Takeaway style meal but one that is packed with flavour and more natural ingredients check this recipe out! 
Our friends just cooked it for us.
Sweet and Sour Chicken  by John Torode
Absolutely delicious and I didn't even think I was a Sweet and Sour fan -- I am now!

 Of course rice is the perfect side dish and I also added some stir fry vegetables for the hungry men in the family!

So Takeaway or eat in?
Well of course it all depends if you have been rushing around like a mad thing all day but I know which I prefer!


  1. When one lives in the boonies,.there isn't any take-away (or take-out as we say) as the nearesr restaurant is 30 minutes away! I must admit, though, I am often disappointed with eating out, too. It's not just the cost, which is high enough, it's also the quality and the questionable healthiness of the food being served.

  2. I can't remember the last time we had a takeaway, so I can't really comment on that. How lucky you are to have friends to cook you such delicious-looking meals. I'm tempted to try that recipe as I like sweet and sour but only if it's properly cooked!

  3. Do try it it's absolutely delicious. I am not even that keen on sweet and sour usually. I wonder if it is the soda water in the batter.

  4. I have been eating at home more due to budget constraints, but I have to say, if there were none, I would probably still opt to eat at home more. It seems that customer service is going down hill quickly. At least where I live. Just yesterday I was at a little bakery for a cupcake for my birthday. The table I was seated at had French dressing on it, but I didn't know until I placed my arm in it. I politely asked the waitress if she could wash the table off. She rolled her eyes, turned around and shook her head at us, and toss a chair aside before coming back to wash the table off. I AM the one who felt bad when I shouldn't have at all. Ugh. Frustrating.


  5. I ate some of this lovely food in the pictures and it was lovely! Owen has made up his own versions of sauces like sweet and sour and i think your right, they are normally better than what you get in restaraunts!


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