Friday, 13 August 2010

The Long and the Short of it!

A well deserved treat!
After such a long post about all that wooliness .
 I thought a really short post was needed!
Just sending that big box has not only cleared a space in the lounge but also in my head.
I was thinking about old things yesterday-- me included!
We have not got that many old things in our house, especially since the BIG declutter but I do love these little chairs!

Under the seat of the chair is a brown paper label and try as I might I can only read some of the writing---"This chair was bought at ------ in 1843.Restored at J.Eshiles ?in 1890" It is signed E. Benton.

How many times have you wished your parents were still alive so that maybe they could shed some light on objects or old photos?
Just to show you how small the chair is I have propped a 12" ruler against it!

Next to it lives another little chair not perhaps so interesting and certainly not so old but I love it just the same!

I wonder who used to sit on these chairs?
 Nowadays two very old teddies resides there- about as old as us!


  1. It is lovely to have old things with a history. I've moved around so much in my life that I haven't accumulated so many, having had numerous de-clutters. The teddy on the left looks just like my sister's (She's still got it, I think.)

    The blue puppets (if blue and stripy consititutes malelot - I'm not sure) are nearly 9/10. Knitting time seems very squeezed at present - too much to do outside! Hoping for a wet weekend to catch up!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Chalky "MALTA" me thinks was where it was bought, love the look of the wee thing, used for children, or a nursery chair? Love popping into your blog.

  3. Jean I think you are right but that makes it even more of a mystery! Thank you so much for kind words about blog. So glad you like popping in. I am hoping to get to 40 followers before its first birthday!

  4. Hi Chalky - lovely chairs! First of all I thought the word was 'Malta' but then I thought again and surely it would have said bought 'in' Malta, not 'at'? Have you tried shining a bright torch at the label? It might show more definition to the writing or, failing that, try a magnifying glass - although you've probably tried that! It would definitely be interesting to find out, and would add to the chairs provenance, as they say in antique circles!


  5. Love old items and they are a perfect "little" size. When I transcribe old documents (not too well) I use enlarging/light/contrast to help, but knowing a bit about it usually helps for those really hard to read

    Love that the little wooden one with a straw seat still has the restoration sticker on the bottom!


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