Friday, 20 August 2010

I Love Collective Nouns!

I have some very happy memories of my school days.
They are connected with English and Art as opposed to Maths and P.E!
Collective Nouns and Illustrating projects - much more me!
So today I was making the next batch of

 It got me wondering what the Collective Noun was for Hedgehogs

 - It's a prickle!
How very apt and very sweet.

So here we have it.
Not a huddle,certainly not a heap but a prickle.

They really are cute on their own too.
" Harold ,Hector, Hugo, Hyacinth, Henrietta or maybe Harry!"
Steph supports me by selling these little fellows in the shop.
And the pennies of course help with the collection of wool and parcels!


  1. That's a lovely little array of hedgehogs (array is another collective noun for hedgehogs, according to my googled source!) I think they're really cute. It's marvellous that you support so many different charities, Linda!

    There are some faboulous collective nouns, aren't there - a 'murder of crows' particularly caught my eye!

    Thanks for your comments on the patio - the bubbly will have to wait till the weekend, I think!

  2. Lovely photos but as bonkers as ever! As for collective nouns, while I like a 'michief' of rats, I certainly don't like rats themselves. Now if they wore prickly coats, it might be a different matter!

    Hope it's stopped raining there!


  3. They are adorable little prickles!

  4. Awwww...can I have Harry?!?! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE these. Happy Sunday!

  5. Hi you have an email address? :)

  6. Hi Sophia I have left you a message on your blog. Thanks for all your kind comments about the " hedgies!"

  7. They are all so lovely and make me feel like touching and holding one by one!Beautiful colors! Have a colorful week like your creations!


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