Friday, 6 August 2010

Hope the Bugs Don't Bite!

These 2 fun loving girls are off on a big adventure on September the 1st.
Their tickets are booked for a year and final destination is Australia.
Lindsay went travelling for a year and we know what a wonderful experience it can be
The opportunity to experience so much.
The chance to learn to take the rough with the smooth.
In a small way I hope these two do experience a little bit of the rough, only because I have been busy with the sewing machine to make them a sleeping bag liner! And I hope they use them.
The choice between packing a sleeping bag or another couple of T shirts is an easy one to make.
T shirts win every time.
 But I hope these creations help them to feel comfy in a hostel bed which might still be warm from the previous inhabitant!

Sleeping bag liners.
In their own neat little bag!

For that little bit of comfy homeliness when maybe the beds are not as clean as they might be, or you feel you might be number 10.000 to sleep in a particular hostel bed.
After my bag disaster I was glad these turned out successfully.
A little bit of soft and cuddly amongst all the fun.


  1. These are an excellent idea - I used one myself years ago when on a long camping trip, and they're easily washed out too. Yours are so pretty, I'm sure the girls will think of you every time they snuggle into bed!

  2. It has to be done and I'm sure they will have a wonderful time!
    I love the sleeping bag liners...maybe Nich would like one for his next
    spell of travelling (only joking!)

  3. Brilliant idea! I'm sure they'll be a welcome reminder of home. They mut be so excited about their trip! I hope they have a fantastic time!


  4. They are lovely liners.
    I remember making a very plain set for my daughter and her boyfriend for their year-long trip to europe years ago. Mayhem in last minute packing and guess what got left in the boot of the car at the airport!!

  5. This is a brilliant idea!
    How nice to have a bit of home with them they can cuddle up to!
    Love Suex


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