Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Devonshire Cream Tea anyone?

What a Treat!
I had the opportunity to meet another member of the Charity Knitting Group I belong to..
Anne, kindly wanted to deliver some wool and patterns.
 As we had only ever conversed online  it seemed the perfect opportunity to make a Devonshire Cream Tea. 
After a long journey to Devon from Bournville it seemed to fit the bill perfectly.
I was born in Devon, and apart from a short foray into Dorset I have lived here all my life.
So, a few scones have been tried and tasted. 
To be honest I think you can get too familiar with cooking and this means you just make things without checking new trends.
My scones of late have been heavy and a bit disappointing so I googled the Best Scone Recipe ever.
Buttermilk? Well I was determined to go the whole hog! 
Google,Google Good Old Google!
The recipe kept emphasising not to work the ingredients too much -- so I didn't!

Cut nice fat dough circles.
 So I did.

My Mum always told me to place the dough directly onto hot trays so I followed that advice.
And by blending old and new, the most delicious scones came out of the oven.

So, perhaps we need a cake, because, maybe someone might not love a Cream Tea as much as me.

I recently treated myself to a new Cookery Book -- I try to resist !

This Lemon Cake seemed a perfect choice.
The Illustrations are lovely.

The recipes are easy to follow.

And the cake was a success and absolutely delicious.

So just for a change out came the white tablecloth and the doilies.
Add the crusty clotted cream. Strawberry Jam and a few flowers snipped from the garden.

A recipe full of friendship and good times!


  1. Linda, Anne must have felt thoroughly spoilt! What a delicious cream tea - you laid the table so invitingly that I could almost taste everything on it! I'm so glad you had a good time with Anne, and I think a Devonshire Cream Tea for someone a little further north is the perfect welcome!


  2. Looks so delicious! I'll be right over! (I wish!)

  3. What a treat indeed for Anne! Your baking looks fabulous, and its lovely to see the table properly set for tea!

    I'm so looking forward to my holiday in Devon in 3 weeks time - and some real cream teas!

  4. Would I be rude in asking for a piece of each please!!!! It would go down so well with my coffee right now

  5. Thank you all for popping in and leaving such lovely comments. Wouldn't it be lovely to all get together for a cuppa!

  6. Hi Linda,
    Thanks ever so much for your SIBOL Squares!
    OOh its so nice to see Anne. It looks as though you had a great time!
    Oh how nice you made it for Anne, I bet she had a wonderful time. Well I bet you did too!
    Lovely post Linda,
    Hugs and many thanks Suex

  7. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for leaving such a nice comment. I immediately wanted to bake after reading your blog post today! Everything looks very yummy!

  8. oo youve got the hummingbird book! Am working my way through it!! Can recc the vanilla cupcakes and cream cheese frosting!! Deeeelicious!

  9. Ohhhh...I missed the REAL tea party!!! Darn it!! :)

    Those scones and jam look devine! I must check out that recipe...but first, I must find a scone pan. Grrr. Been looking for one for awhile now.

    Buzz me the next time you're having real tea. hee



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