Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Boxes of Love!

A wonderful Aunt!

We have a wonderful aunt who is 86. She lives alone and is totally independent.
 Or at least she was until she fell backwards down the steps whilst out on a jolly visiting a National Trust property in Portsmouth and broke her neck. 
She was rushed to hospital and had to be placed in a full neck brace and was two hours away from neighbours and friends.
She has now returned home and we went to visit -- she is still in a neck brace -- she looks tired--- I am sure she must be in pain ---- she has to be very careful.
But all she was interested in was how she was going to manage to make her usual contributions for "Boxes Of Love " for the children in Romania.
Well I offered to hoover, I offered to clean. I offered to cook but all she really wanted me to do was get busy hooking!
 Well that was easy, I could sit and chat, she could sit and relax and she was pleased with this little lot which will help fill those boxes.
Little crochet purses or bags.She is going to pop a cotton hankie in each one. Elderly Aunts always have lots of cotton hankies don't they!

A puppet inspired by Jean.

And a ruffled scarf which always makes me think of Kathy!

When we left I thought about her a lot . 
To think of others when the worst things are happening to you makes you very special. 
A very special aunt indeed.


  1. Oh my, I got so sad when you said your Aunt had the fall. But it is very inspiring that her thoughts are with others at this time that she can help. I hope all is well asap

  2. Your aunt is indeed special, and I hope she makes a good recovery and able to get back to crafting soon, which with be very theraputic for her. The little bags are lovely.

    Best wishes to you and your aunt

    Janet (aka Jean!)

  3. aww how sweet of you and your aunt to be making these for Romania. At the moment I am making bags from old denim jeans for children in Moldova, last year I made toys for children in Bulgaria. Good luck.xxx

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