Friday, 27 August 2010

Dancing feet

Good News !

Last week we heard the lovely news that my dear Nephew and his wife are expecting their first baby. What a lovely surprise and something to celebrate in 2011!
Well the needles soon got clicking and they loved these little gifts!

What dear little dancing feet! 
How big can they be right now, when the scan shows the baby is seven and a half centimetres long?

Gorgeous little feet!
P.S Thinking about feet, and feeling like dancing, these lovely slippers socks are just the thing to cosy up in now the Autumn Days are approaching. Charlotte's at Sharky Knows are gorgeous.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Devonshire Cream Tea anyone?

What a Treat!
I had the opportunity to meet another member of the Charity Knitting Group I belong to..
Anne, kindly wanted to deliver some wool and patterns.
 As we had only ever conversed online  it seemed the perfect opportunity to make a Devonshire Cream Tea. 
After a long journey to Devon from Bournville it seemed to fit the bill perfectly.
I was born in Devon, and apart from a short foray into Dorset I have lived here all my life.
So, a few scones have been tried and tasted. 
To be honest I think you can get too familiar with cooking and this means you just make things without checking new trends.
My scones of late have been heavy and a bit disappointing so I googled the Best Scone Recipe ever.
Buttermilk? Well I was determined to go the whole hog! 
Google,Google Good Old Google!
The recipe kept emphasising not to work the ingredients too much -- so I didn't!

Cut nice fat dough circles.
 So I did.

My Mum always told me to place the dough directly onto hot trays so I followed that advice.
And by blending old and new, the most delicious scones came out of the oven.

So, perhaps we need a cake, because, maybe someone might not love a Cream Tea as much as me.

I recently treated myself to a new Cookery Book -- I try to resist !

This Lemon Cake seemed a perfect choice.
The Illustrations are lovely.

The recipes are easy to follow.

And the cake was a success and absolutely delicious.

So just for a change out came the white tablecloth and the doilies.
Add the crusty clotted cream. Strawberry Jam and a few flowers snipped from the garden.

A recipe full of friendship and good times!

Friday, 20 August 2010

I Love Collective Nouns!

I have some very happy memories of my school days.
They are connected with English and Art as opposed to Maths and P.E!
Collective Nouns and Illustrating projects - much more me!
So today I was making the next batch of

 It got me wondering what the Collective Noun was for Hedgehogs

 - It's a prickle!
How very apt and very sweet.

So here we have it.
Not a huddle,certainly not a heap but a prickle.

They really are cute on their own too.
" Harold ,Hector, Hugo, Hyacinth, Henrietta or maybe Harry!"
Steph supports me by selling these little fellows in the shop.
And the pennies of course help with the collection of wool and parcels!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

A Takeaway versus cooking at home!

I wonder if I am the only person who is often disappointed with Takeaways!
I am sure it must be me because I am often disappointed when I go out for meals as well!

I really am not mean, but sometimes when you get the bill it's hard not to say " How Much!!!"
The"Sporty One" does not appreciate the small portions you sometimes get no matter how artistically presented they are!
So recently we have been revisiting Cookery Books and Magazines like" Good Food" and actually choosing new recipes rather than cooking the usual old favourites.
Of course another nice thing to do is visit lovely friends and they cook you gorgeous meals!
So if you fancy a most delicious Takeaway style meal but one that is packed with flavour and more natural ingredients check this recipe out! 
Our friends just cooked it for us.
Sweet and Sour Chicken  by John Torode
Absolutely delicious and I didn't even think I was a Sweet and Sour fan -- I am now!

 Of course rice is the perfect side dish and I also added some stir fry vegetables for the hungry men in the family!

So Takeaway or eat in?
Well of course it all depends if you have been rushing around like a mad thing all day but I know which I prefer!

Friday, 13 August 2010

The Long and the Short of it!

A well deserved treat!
After such a long post about all that wooliness .
 I thought a really short post was needed!
Just sending that big box has not only cleared a space in the lounge but also in my head.
I was thinking about old things yesterday-- me included!
We have not got that many old things in our house, especially since the BIG declutter but I do love these little chairs!

Under the seat of the chair is a brown paper label and try as I might I can only read some of the writing---"This chair was bought at ------ in 1843.Restored at J.Eshiles ?in 1890" It is signed E. Benton.

How many times have you wished your parents were still alive so that maybe they could shed some light on objects or old photos?
Just to show you how small the chair is I have propped a 12" ruler against it!

Next to it lives another little chair not perhaps so interesting and certainly not so old but I love it just the same!

I wonder who used to sit on these chairs?
 Nowadays two very old teddies resides there- about as old as us!

Monday, 9 August 2010

Do You Remember "Take your Pick" with Michael Miles circa 1960?

Open the Box or take the Money?
I have had a very large box in my house for the last couple of weeks and I keep thinking about Friday Evenings (I think it was Fridays!) a long time ago, and the Game Show" Take Your Pick."
 If you remember that one you will definitely remember Opportunity Knocks with Hughie Green --- Happy Days!
Anyway, I digress, the box now weighs 13kg and anyone who follows my blog can guess what it contains.
Yes,woolly stuff. Lots of it!

All ready for collection by the wonderful Parcels To Go.
All that can be sent for £6.99!
Destination Loving Hands and the wonderful Lou Japp
It really is more interesting to see what is on the inside. 
So here goes------

A wonderful knitter in Spain called Cindy knitted all these wonderful things.

How tiny are these!

Mini Teddies

Fully grown teddies looking a little malnourished!

Some Red and White items for a recent challenge supporting the Armed Forces!

"Knit Your Square To Give Your Share" is full of lovely people who have sent squares from all over the country and now they are wonderful Lappycuddlyghans.

My special friend Pat has quietly knitted squares to help with this lovely blanket!

DDIL Charlotte is always supportive and loves hooking

And my times in the Sunshine Bus when just 1 big square fits the bill!

 And lovely Pauline has been knitting these jumpers for Oxfam

And my dear mother-in-law helps the cause by knitting these little hats for premature babies.

A new little twist to Hot Water Bottle Covers-- One of the new Challenges this Summer.

And there must always be 1 boob!

I also have a lovely friend who does not " hook" or knit, but what a lovely surprise to arrive at her house to find the most beautiful selection of wool, her contribution to such a wonderful box full!
So what a lot of lovely things, which will hopefully make a little bit of difference to lots of peoples' lives.