Tuesday, 20 July 2010

What a productive morning!

That homemaking feeling!

I think Homemaking is close to the hearts of nearly everyone in Blogland!
I love a bout of "Blog Hopping" Disease. I don't try and cure myself, more like immerse myself in all its symptoms! And nearly always I am delighted to see what everyone is creating at home.
This morning I felt like baking.
 Cooking has always been close to my heart.
 When all the children were home something always seemed to be in the oven, and often they were at my side baking cakes or biscuits.
Nowadays, when it is often just the two of us baking results in a glorious few minutes and then a battle with the waistline!
However, this morning I got my old and faithful recipe book out and started with something sweet!

Oaty cakes.

A recipe that brings back such happy memories of a very dear friend.

Next a few savoury things. I am always amazed how far a pound of pastry goes.

So two quiches, one for tea and one for the freezer.

And some tasty cheese, chorizo and red onion pasties. Not very loyal to my roots but very delicious all the same!

Of course I actually know what all this baking is about. 
Briony leaves for Australia in just over a month.
 I love to think my children are adventurous. I love to see them meeting new challenges. I love their confidence and sense of freedom. I love all of these things but I also love to think of them at home,just being safe and enjoying a bit of homemaking!


  1. Hi Linda,
    I was in the middle of commenting on your post yesterday when I was called away to deal with another patio crisis - a lorry full of totally useless 'topsoil' had to be turned away and another heated exchange with our muppet of a contractor. (Muppet - now there's a puppet idea...)

    Your baking looks fantastic -- it was far too hot to think of cooking here yesterday, you must have it cooler where you are, but I guess you're also accustomed to the heat.

    Anyway to continue this lengthy comment, I sense a degree of sadness in your post and just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you. We sometimes have to distract ourselves to get through difficulties, don't we? I would be very sad to leave behind a mum who obviously cares so much, but that home cooking will be much appreciated I'm sure.

    If you feel another urge to bake once Briony has gone, feel free to come and visit me for a few days and fill up my freezer!:)

    Take care

  2. You are so right, Linda! Chin up, that's the spirit.


  3. Hi Just discovered your great blog via Sals Snippets, I am hungry now looking at all that lovely food !
    Best wishes

  4. Oh I think we will all be coming round seeing these delightful yummies! Look so beautiful Linda!
    I'm pleased you like the Blanket. As I have said I couldn't do it without my on-line friends. 17 countries now can you believe. I'm on my 20th now. thats 500 Squares with still plenty to do!
    Thanks for popping over,
    enjoy the summer Suex


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