Saturday, 17 July 2010


A long time ago, when I seem to remember I did have an ambitious bone in my body. I was asked during an interview whether I considered my self to be an initiator or a finisher!
I can't remember what I said but I got the job so I must have muttered something suitable!
I think you learn about yourself every day, and after a while, and the years roll by you also accept that some things are just you!!
I love to create things.
 I can do fiddly--

But pleasure for me is seeing a project completed.
I love looking at the finished article-- I pop it on the bed in the spare room and keep opening the door for another look.
I love to fold it, touch it and then wrap it up and usually send it on its way!
So a finisher I must be!

I have been thinking for a while about a large blanket in manly colours and even treated myself to the 200 Crochet Squares book by Jan Eaton. My daughter in law is doing so well with her beautiful squares.
Now I love Granny squares.
 We really do get on well!
All those trebles and quick progress.

 After a good start with the book I found myself getting more and more unhappy with the squares I had chosen-- 
Row upon row of single crochet --- I was getting seriously bored.
 After all as you get older you have to be selective about how you spend your minutes. Single crochet, not for me!
Added to which the manly colours when placed together resembled a swamp!!
So all put aside and I returned to the wonderfully soothing ripple pattern.

Loving the colours.

Loving the rippling!

My goodness I have got a long way to go!

But at least I am enjoying and being soothed along the journey.


  1. I love how creative you were taking photos of your ripples! And Linda...your first picture is spectacular!!!

  2. Wow that first picture - it is stunning
    Julie xxxxxx

  3. I love all your work Linda, but ripples I just love ripples.
    They grow so fast! I really enjoy doing them.
    Hope good weekend for you,
    Hugs suex

  4. so glad you hopped by - just so sorry it was for 'that' post! thank-you for your kind wishes! t.x

  5. I love your octopus - is it your own creation or is there a pattern for it?

    My next set of puppets will be all blue - partly inspired by you, and partly because I've a good stash of assorted blues! They're also good for boy's boxes - we always have plenty for girls but not so much for boys.

    Janet xx


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