Thursday, 22 July 2010

Life's A Beach! Bag and Sarong ! Well the idea was a good one!

        Feeling a bit creative!

Janet, from Musings of a Puppet Lady often kindly pops over to my blog and comments on my ramblings.
Well today I was doing a little musing of my own.
I have just washed this bag.
 I love it.

 I love it for many reasons, but love it I do.
Owen and Charlotte gave it to me for my birthday.
It has Hibiscus flowers which remind me of  Thailand and Spain
It comes with me to yoga classes
It travels with me in the Sunshine Bus crammed with wool.
So I looked at it and mused -- actually this is really easy. 
 I undid the handles and it looked even easier .
So out came the Mulberry paper to make patterns.

 I thought I should make sure they were symmetrical.


I even thought about leaving a seam allowance! 
I could feel a tutorial coming on.

Up to the linen chest for some lining material-- My dear Mum loved frilled valances and I knew they would come in handy one day. 
Absolutely perfect for the lining, soft yet strong!

And at the bottom of the chest a piece of fabric I had forgotten I had--- Beachy colours I mused.

So I carefully tacked the lining together, adding the base. 
I could feel a real "Ta Da " moment coming on!

The first sign of a problem.One end has more fabric than the other?
Let's try again -- Oh! Even worse but let's try again1

Easily solved, a little gathering and a little easing! Bound to do the trick!

There all solved.
A quick flick inside out, and surely Step 1 -- the lining complete.
Yes!!! A complete mess. A wonky lining that would not meet anybody's grade or stand close scrutiny.
So "Ta Da" straight in the bin and lets get those fingers Googling for a pattern that has a chance of working.
Not quite a copy of my very much loved bag but, lovely just the same and definitely not wonky!!!
Whilst I was rummaging in the linen chest I found this old vintage piece of fabric with the neatest hand stitching.
I am meeting an old friend of mine soon, Sal from Sals Snippets, who has this lovely blog and I think she will love it.
 So not a total waste of time.

As for the sarong I am sure I can manage to hem a rectangle!


  1. Hi Thanks for you lovely message yesterday.
    Funny you should blog about your great bag as I was reading my copy of Cloth magazine last night and there is a pattern in there to make one just the same !! if it helps
    Best wishes

  2. Hi Linda
    Thanks for the mention in this post! Sorry the bag didn't turn out so well - better luck next time.

    There are certainly lots of googly patterns out there - it takes longer to trawl through them than it would to make a bag!

    You're keeping yourself busy, anyway!

    Janet (or Jean, if you like;))

  3. So sorry Janet -- I have a cousin called Jean so got confused-- Well more confused! All corrected
    and agin thanks for popping in ! Hope the sailor puppets are going well !
    Kindest Regards Linda

  4. Hi there Linda..I sent you an email a few days ago.I've a feeling you did not receive it? Don't want you thinking I was ignoring you!!

    Sal ;-)

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