Monday, 19 July 2010

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No,it's the Sporty One again!

I have talked before about perspectives,differences in fact downright opposites!
So I am sorry to be repetitive but yesterday was a case in point.


Terra Firma! Just how I like it !

The " Sporty One"  looking happy and full of anticipation!
 And here's the reason why.

A birthday treat arranged by our lovely "Gang of five" who of course are veterans having all been daft enough to jump out of aeroplanes previously.

"Black Beach" had only arrived from America 24 hours earlier!

Lots of looking skwards and "there he is, over there and yes that's him!"


And it was!
My heart stopped beating quite so fast and he was waving!

Well I was relieved to see him back on Terra Firma!

The T shirts DVD'S and photos and other paraphernalia were incredibly expensive but the certificate will go in the memory box!

Of course our children think they have got my next birthday present sorted -- but they seriously need to think again!


  1. Brave chap! You wouldn't get me up there, although I went up in a glider once and thoroughly enjoyed it! Not quite the same as throwing yourself out of an aeroplane, though.

  2. Just one word - amazing! Great photos, too!



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