Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Hop 5 -- The end of a wonderful French Road!

Baie Des Trespasses.
When time is beginning to run out the days become even more special but also pass even  more quickly.
My mother took us to Cornwall every year of our childhood. She never flew on an aeroplane and rarely travelled out of Devon. So Cornwall I know very well indeed and do love very much.
Well as you approach the Pointe De Raz you could be in Cornwall and one of our favourite spots the Baie De Trespasse is so like Mawgan Porth, Watergate Bay or Fistral. And the water is just as cold!

I instantly remember the excitement of being on holiday with the family for 2 weeks.In those days wooden body boards were the order of the day and nobody unless you were a serious surfer had a wetsuit!
I remember always having new hair ribbons and a sun hat!
The beach is gorgeous.
Gentle surf for our visit!
But plenty of fun to be had!
And the campsite was fine, the only one in the area --- and very Cornish!
I have farming people in my family and I can always imagine them saying---
 " Of course that grass is fine, after all the'm only camping!!!"
So we went back to the beach for the evening and it was so lovely we stayed for ages.

What a view -- and then an added bonus!
Not even realising we were there this young lady played for nearly an hour as the sun began to set!
And actually the grass made no difference -- It was fine for these campers!

And with five hops our journey through Brittany and a wander down Memory Lane came to an end.
The last night camping in the Car Park in Cherbourg doesnot merit a mention!!

However, modern films often seem to have a postscript and this journey needs two!
These images have no order on our trip but I just loved them.
Windmills dotted around the landscape in Brittany.
Seafood heaven!


  1. Lovely pictures from an uplifting journey. You'll have many more happy memories now.

  2. Fantastic photos, now I must add that to the "one-day" places to visit ☺

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