Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Hop 4 on our journey home. Nearly there

We used to stay at camping Le Vorlen near Beg Meil. But it was obvious when we drove in things had changed dramatically in the 15 or so years since we last visited. So dramatically that it had actually closed down last year.
 Luckily the groundsman was able to recommend another campsite nearby

We went and strolled around Benodet in the evening -- lovely,just lovely.The sun was so warm and the light very clear!

The walled city of Concarneau is close by and it was lovely just to wander and have a look around. 
Of course when I was teaching the "littlies" and we had children of our own we were tied to the school holidays.
How lovely to see popular places with spaces!Space just to strolll and relax.

When Lindsay saw this photo she said its exactly how she remembers our holidays, me sitting in the sun preparing mussels --- so that has become a favourite picture.

We never bother too much with shopping but we did see some rather lovely bits and bobs in Concarneau!

I loved the cake stand, but even I could not justify having a cake stand in the Sunshine Bus!


  1. Whoa there, Linda, you're hopping about more quickly that I can comment. What a great journey you've had. I'd forgotten how lovely it can be to drive around in your own little home. You get into a very relaxed routine and visiting so many lovely places must have been a joy. Reminds me of the time, 16 years ago, when my hubby and I drove from Oman to UK - took us 6 weeks and as we got close to home, we didn't want it to end! But that's another story!

  2. Linda - you're making us think about getting another motorhome! As Puppet Lady says, it's lovely driving around in your own home, isn't it? All your photos have been a joy to see. When I feel a grumble coming on about life in France, your photos remind me just what a lovely country it really is - so diverse, each department is completely different from the next. We've probably seen about half of it over the years - there's loads more to explore, and a campervan is probably the best way to do it!

    Thanks for keeping us all up to date with the grand tour!


  3. What a lovely journey home. I bet you were sad when it ended. Your photos are just lovely... it's like you have taken us along for the ride too!

  4. What wonderful photos! Looks like you are having a ball!
    Isn't this a lovely thing about blogging that you can go on holiday without leaving your chair!
    I wonder when you have a minute,
    could you please email me your address in Spain. I have a card sitting here waiting to be sent, and I keep looking through my records without any luck of finding your address in Spain. I think I only have the one in UK.
    They have all gone out now except a few that I still have to find addresses for, and yours was one of them.
    Love to you and have a good time!


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