Monday, 5 July 2010

Hop 3 on our journey home -- Seaside fun!

If You have not been to Erdeven -- Try and go one day!
Our trip through Brittany was a little meander down Memory Lane!
The place where we caravanned with our three children when they were little.Such happy memories.
It was more beautiful than I remembered and the weather was perfect!
 Quiet beautiful beaches!
Just a few miles away is Quiberon.

Rooms with a view!

And Etel , a pretty little village on the estuary.
Quiet streets.
How French!
And the local food was just delicious.

An evening stroll in Erdeven was delightful.

One of the challenges involved in camping is choosing a camp site. We have always relied on "check the toilets!"
Somehow with flower beds like this you knew you were on to a winner!
There was even a little verandah outside the site office perfect for summer suppers!

Just as we were leaving Erdeven the market came to town --- Well we had to have a little peep!

Oh, and a last coffee, the signs seemed to say exactly what we are trying to achieve on out travels!

So a last coffee and its on our way to the next stop!


  1. The area looks lovely, I particularly like the houses

  2. Just wanted to pop by and say thanks for leaving me a lovely comment! Boy I'm enjoying your holiday photos!!

  3. So did I Maria--- Everyone seems to have a lot of space particularly in the country. The shutters especially the blue ones were beautiful.
    Thanks for leaving a comment


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