Friday, 2 July 2010

Hop 2 of the journey home. A meeting and some fun!

A little bit of " Getting to know You!"
Retiring has meant that I have been able to spend time doing all the things I love.

I have also realised how very lucky we are and have seriously decluttered our lives in almost a drastic way. It has been so liberating
I missed crafting when I was working full and as we were doing the "big sort" it all came tumbling out of  hideaway places all around the house!
 So what to do with all the things I enjoy making . Easy give it away!
At about this time I was trawling the internet for inspiration and I stumbled across a Charity knitting group.
 It was just what I needed. For about three years I have felt a real part of something so good. Yes, a charity knitting group but, also a place where we have shared so many things. Of course the usual patterns,tips,ideas etc but so much more. The friendship we share makes it a very special place.
Of course we all live in a virtual world but mine was about to take on a new dimension. We were invited to stay by Kathy who lives in France and was just by Hop number two!
I know we were both nervous actually meeting after " chatting " for about 2 years - It felt like going on a first date!
Anyway we need not have worried it was wonderful in every way.
It felt very strange to be outside Kathy's house -- I have been watching all the hard work that has been going on on Kathy's Blog.
So we chatted,drank tea and chatted lots more .Of course we had to do a little of what we do best!
 One lovely thing was that the "Sporty One" and Kathy's husband hit it off straight away so they did what they love best.
Yes that is football on the television!
Well they took us to Parthenay which is their nearest town and it has a delightful Medieval area -- what a treat to wander up and down the streets!

Only a short visit this time but short was very sweet!


  1. It is nice to get the opportunity to meet us with bloggy friends isn't it.
    That little town looked really fascinating I bet you had a lovely time.

    Hope you are well

  2. You both look very contented sitting together with your needles and hooks. How nice to meet up with kindred spirits. Kathy is so lucky to live near such an attractive town - and how come it is so green? We're all parched and brown here in the south-east of England:((

  3. How lovely that you were able to meet a "new" friend,. It looks like you all hit it off and had a really wonderful time. Glad you are back by the way.

  4. That town looks lovely! So glad you two hit it off!


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