Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Do you have a Craft Fairy?

Do you have a Craft Fairy?
I often wish I knew exactly how much wool I need when I am crocheting.
Because I do so much Charity work I never know exactly how much wool I will need to make squares,or hats or Teddies for Tragedy!
I happily sit .often with my brain in neutral hooking away.
It is so lovely when the odd balls I often use go merrily around the Granny Squares.
 All neat and tidy and hopefully a tail for sewing.
When this happens often, with only inches or to be more up to date only cms to spare I always think the Craft Fairy must be near.
However I would love to know where she is or who she is visiting when this happens-

So annoying!!!!
Is she visiting you I wonder?


  1. It's too bad the Craft Fairy flitters about. I wish she'd stay in my craft stash!

  2. Happens to me all the time. I keep hoping that I can try and stretch it just a bit further but it never does!

  3. Linda! This has been happening to me this week! I've been trying to finishing up the blankets I've started but everytime I think I'm getting there.... poof! I run out of yarn with inches to go.

    I know for knitting you need 3 times the width of the item you are knitting to make 1 row but have no idea for crochet - hmm, I hear Dragon's Den calling... Cindy. xxx

  4. Thanks Cindy I did not know that about the knitting so I have learnt something today! Hope you are feeling a little stronger of late
    Kindest Regards Linda

  5. I'm afraid, as a scientist, I don't really believe in fairies. I have also heard the 3 times width rule for knitting. Also, as a rule of thumb for dk on size 4-4.5 mm needles, I often reckon on 1" of wool per stitch and you should have plenty. (Excuse the mixing of units here.) Another trick if you've a reasonable end left is to fold it in half and tie a loose knot in the middle. Knit a row, and if you go past the knot, there's not enough for another row. If you don't go past the knot, repeat the process until you do. Maybe this is a technique that could be applied to crochet, but I'm not a 'hooker', so I've never tried it.


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