Monday, 26 July 2010

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Life's A Beach! Bag and Sarong ! Well the idea was a good one!

        Feeling a bit creative!

Janet, from Musings of a Puppet Lady often kindly pops over to my blog and comments on my ramblings.
Well today I was doing a little musing of my own.
I have just washed this bag.
 I love it.

 I love it for many reasons, but love it I do.
Owen and Charlotte gave it to me for my birthday.
It has Hibiscus flowers which remind me of  Thailand and Spain
It comes with me to yoga classes
It travels with me in the Sunshine Bus crammed with wool.
So I looked at it and mused -- actually this is really easy. 
 I undid the handles and it looked even easier .
So out came the Mulberry paper to make patterns.

 I thought I should make sure they were symmetrical.


I even thought about leaving a seam allowance! 
I could feel a tutorial coming on.

Up to the linen chest for some lining material-- My dear Mum loved frilled valances and I knew they would come in handy one day. 
Absolutely perfect for the lining, soft yet strong!

And at the bottom of the chest a piece of fabric I had forgotten I had--- Beachy colours I mused.

So I carefully tacked the lining together, adding the base. 
I could feel a real "Ta Da " moment coming on!

The first sign of a problem.One end has more fabric than the other?
Let's try again -- Oh! Even worse but let's try again1

Easily solved, a little gathering and a little easing! Bound to do the trick!

There all solved.
A quick flick inside out, and surely Step 1 -- the lining complete.
Yes!!! A complete mess. A wonky lining that would not meet anybody's grade or stand close scrutiny.
So "Ta Da" straight in the bin and lets get those fingers Googling for a pattern that has a chance of working.
Not quite a copy of my very much loved bag but, lovely just the same and definitely not wonky!!!
Whilst I was rummaging in the linen chest I found this old vintage piece of fabric with the neatest hand stitching.
I am meeting an old friend of mine soon, Sal from Sals Snippets, who has this lovely blog and I think she will love it.
 So not a total waste of time.

As for the sarong I am sure I can manage to hem a rectangle!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

What a productive morning!

That homemaking feeling!

I think Homemaking is close to the hearts of nearly everyone in Blogland!
I love a bout of "Blog Hopping" Disease. I don't try and cure myself, more like immerse myself in all its symptoms! And nearly always I am delighted to see what everyone is creating at home.
This morning I felt like baking.
 Cooking has always been close to my heart.
 When all the children were home something always seemed to be in the oven, and often they were at my side baking cakes or biscuits.
Nowadays, when it is often just the two of us baking results in a glorious few minutes and then a battle with the waistline!
However, this morning I got my old and faithful recipe book out and started with something sweet!

Oaty cakes.

A recipe that brings back such happy memories of a very dear friend.

Next a few savoury things. I am always amazed how far a pound of pastry goes.

So two quiches, one for tea and one for the freezer.

And some tasty cheese, chorizo and red onion pasties. Not very loyal to my roots but very delicious all the same!

Of course I actually know what all this baking is about. 
Briony leaves for Australia in just over a month.
 I love to think my children are adventurous. I love to see them meeting new challenges. I love their confidence and sense of freedom. I love all of these things but I also love to think of them at home,just being safe and enjoying a bit of homemaking!

Monday, 19 July 2010

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No,it's the Sporty One again!

I have talked before about perspectives,differences in fact downright opposites!
So I am sorry to be repetitive but yesterday was a case in point.


Terra Firma! Just how I like it !

The " Sporty One"  looking happy and full of anticipation!
 And here's the reason why.

A birthday treat arranged by our lovely "Gang of five" who of course are veterans having all been daft enough to jump out of aeroplanes previously.

"Black Beach" had only arrived from America 24 hours earlier!

Lots of looking skwards and "there he is, over there and yes that's him!"


And it was!
My heart stopped beating quite so fast and he was waving!

Well I was relieved to see him back on Terra Firma!

The T shirts DVD'S and photos and other paraphernalia were incredibly expensive but the certificate will go in the memory box!

Of course our children think they have got my next birthday present sorted -- but they seriously need to think again!

Saturday, 17 July 2010


A long time ago, when I seem to remember I did have an ambitious bone in my body. I was asked during an interview whether I considered my self to be an initiator or a finisher!
I can't remember what I said but I got the job so I must have muttered something suitable!
I think you learn about yourself every day, and after a while, and the years roll by you also accept that some things are just you!!
I love to create things.
 I can do fiddly--

But pleasure for me is seeing a project completed.
I love looking at the finished article-- I pop it on the bed in the spare room and keep opening the door for another look.
I love to fold it, touch it and then wrap it up and usually send it on its way!
So a finisher I must be!

I have been thinking for a while about a large blanket in manly colours and even treated myself to the 200 Crochet Squares book by Jan Eaton. My daughter in law is doing so well with her beautiful squares.
Now I love Granny squares.
 We really do get on well!
All those trebles and quick progress.

 After a good start with the book I found myself getting more and more unhappy with the squares I had chosen-- 
Row upon row of single crochet --- I was getting seriously bored.
 After all as you get older you have to be selective about how you spend your minutes. Single crochet, not for me!
Added to which the manly colours when placed together resembled a swamp!!
So all put aside and I returned to the wonderfully soothing ripple pattern.

Loving the colours.

Loving the rippling!

My goodness I have got a long way to go!

But at least I am enjoying and being soothed along the journey.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Do you have a Craft Fairy?

Do you have a Craft Fairy?
I often wish I knew exactly how much wool I need when I am crocheting.
Because I do so much Charity work I never know exactly how much wool I will need to make squares,or hats or Teddies for Tragedy!
I happily sit .often with my brain in neutral hooking away.
It is so lovely when the odd balls I often use go merrily around the Granny Squares.
 All neat and tidy and hopefully a tail for sewing.
When this happens often, with only inches or to be more up to date only cms to spare I always think the Craft Fairy must be near.
However I would love to know where she is or who she is visiting when this happens-

So annoying!!!!
Is she visiting you I wonder?

Friday, 9 July 2010

Fruity Delicious ! Do you need a dessert for this weekend?

Briony's fabulous Cheesecake!
Lindsay hosted a surprise Birthday Party last weekend and Briony made the pudding --- It was absolutely gorgeous and not a crumb was left
So as its a sunny summer weekend I thought I would pop her recipe on here in case you are having a celebration or just fancy something delicious.

Summer Fruits Cheesecake
Serves 8.
Preparation time 20 minutes.
Chill  1 hour

125G Crushed Digestive Biscuits
40G Melted Butter
250G Soft Cheese ( We used Phadelphia )
397G Can of Condensed Milk
120 ML Lemon Juice
1 Pack of at least 200 g of Summer Berries. ( We used a frozen assortment)

1. Combine biscuit crumbs and melted butter and press into the base of an approx 23 cm loose bottomed cake tin.
2. Whisk together the Soft Cheese, Condensed Milk and about half the pack of frozen berries.Stir in the lemon juice until well mixed. Pour over the prepared base and chill for at least an hour until set.
3. Remove from the fridge and decorate with the remaining berries.

Of course you could ring the changes with the fillings but Briony's tasted so good I can see that it is going to become a family favourite

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Hop 5 -- The end of a wonderful French Road!

Baie Des Trespasses.
When time is beginning to run out the days become even more special but also pass even  more quickly.
My mother took us to Cornwall every year of our childhood. She never flew on an aeroplane and rarely travelled out of Devon. So Cornwall I know very well indeed and do love very much.
Well as you approach the Pointe De Raz you could be in Cornwall and one of our favourite spots the Baie De Trespasse is so like Mawgan Porth, Watergate Bay or Fistral. And the water is just as cold!

I instantly remember the excitement of being on holiday with the family for 2 weeks.In those days wooden body boards were the order of the day and nobody unless you were a serious surfer had a wetsuit!
I remember always having new hair ribbons and a sun hat!
The beach is gorgeous.
Gentle surf for our visit!
But plenty of fun to be had!
And the campsite was fine, the only one in the area --- and very Cornish!
I have farming people in my family and I can always imagine them saying---
 " Of course that grass is fine, after all the'm only camping!!!"
So we went back to the beach for the evening and it was so lovely we stayed for ages.

What a view -- and then an added bonus!
Not even realising we were there this young lady played for nearly an hour as the sun began to set!
And actually the grass made no difference -- It was fine for these campers!

And with five hops our journey through Brittany and a wander down Memory Lane came to an end.
The last night camping in the Car Park in Cherbourg doesnot merit a mention!!

However, modern films often seem to have a postscript and this journey needs two!
These images have no order on our trip but I just loved them.
Windmills dotted around the landscape in Brittany.
Seafood heaven!