Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Tutorial for the most useful bag !

" It's All In The Bag! "

So often lovely people with beautiful blogs spend a lot of their precious time writing tutorials.
 I have enjoyed so many, and have been inspired to try lots of new ideas.
 So I thought it was time I "gave a liitle bit back !"

I love these little bags and I used them for Favour Bags for 2 special weddings last year.
1 was filled with Retro Pick and Mix

and the other with Toffee Bon Bons!

I also love using Marbling Inks to create beautiful patterns on very ordinary printing paper.

My " Littlies" used to think this was magic!
Hand prints on paper make lovely bags for Grandmas'
  • Fill a tray with water.
  • Drip the Marbling Inks on top of the water.
  • Float the piece of paper on top of the water.
  • Drain the paper and leave to dry.                                         

With a little bit of folding you end up with a pretty little bag, perfect for little Summer Gifts.
As you get used to the technique it is very easy to make different sizes.
Last year I collected seeds and popped them in little bags for my Garden Loving friends!

So let's get down to basics. Take a piece of A4 paper and fold as follows-

  1. Measure 8 cms from the left side and draw a line from the top to  the bottom of the paper.
  2. Draw 2 further lines 1 cm apart to the right side of the first line. These 3 lines form the gusset of the bag.
  3. Measure 7 cms from the right hand side of the paper and draw another line from the top to the bottom.
  4. Draw 2 further lines 1 cm apart to the left of the first line. This forms ,when folded the second gusset.
  5. Make 2 inward facing concertina folds on these 3 lines.
  6. Draw a line 2 cms from the bottom of the bag from left to right across the width of the paper.
  7. Cut up 2cms on each of the outside lines you drew on the gusset fold.
  8. Fold and crease firmly the cut lines up to the line across the bottom of the paper.Fold and crease firmly the gusset tab.
  9. Fold the sides, one over the other to make the body of the bag.
  10. Glue the back seam firmly all the way down the paper 
  11. Folding the bottom edges inwards ,gusset tabs first,glue the bottom firmly to make a firm base
  12. Crease the top of the bag along the fold line and punch with a hole punch
  13. Fill the bag with goodies!
  14. Thread pretty ribbon through the holes and there you have it --

 A very pretty personal touch for any occasion!

    If anyone needs a bit more help please leave me a comment and I will get straight back to you!


    1. What a lovely tutorial! Thank you so very much for sharing and for visiting my blog.

    2. Your bags look so pretty and professional. Thank you for sharing - a lovely idea!

      p.s. I didn't know you could collect sweet pea seeds, - do they come true?


    3. What a great tutorial thank you for sharing :-)

    4. I will make these with my little one, she will love them! Thank you for sharing here in your wonderful place .


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