Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Still feeling blue!!

"I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues!"
If anybody asks me "What is your favourite colour?" I always struggle to make a decision. I love Red so much and my house is full of warm colours in the red spectrum. But, when I am in Spain in the summer and the temperatures rise I seek blue for its gentle coolness.

Using acrylic paints I enjoy dabbling. I love to be artistic and creative but really consider myself useless at Art.

Dribble shades of blue and white on paper and use an expired credit card to make sharp lines in the paint.

Sometimes fairly thick!

Sometimes with a little more finesse!

Or sometimes downright blobby!

Sometimes working on canvas!

Adding glass beads for detail.

Sometimes on sheets of paper.

Mounted on green with a touch of metal Pebeo touch textile. Perfect for little gift tags.

Mounted on mirror cards -- a perfect card for someone who loves the sea! 


It is actually almost getting too hot for "hooking!" even in shades of blue!

I do love blue-- My favourite summer colour!


  1. Like you my favourite colour is RED!
    Julie xxxx

  2. Hi Linda,
    There's a lot of blue and white on my blog too today!
    Don't you just love this colour combination?
    Hugs suex

  3. I think my most favorite color is blue. At least I always seem to be drawn to it. Those crochet squares are just wonderful. I think if I lived next door to you I would have to steal them!

  4. You are a lady of many talents, Linda. Don't put yourself down - your cards and tags are highly artistic, as are your flower close-ups. Thanks for your comments on Mickey - glad you liked him.

    Janet x

  5. Hi Linda....I am loving all your blues! Especially your granny squares!


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