Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Fiesta of the Moors and Christians --Friday Night -- Let's Party!!

Fiestas de Moros y Christianos
This year we have returned to Spain to of course get some lovely sunshine but mainly because we have owned our little house since 2003 yet we have never witnessed the Fiesta of the Moors and Christians.
We have seen " Bash The Granny Day," " Bury the Sardine Day", Easter, and lots of other festivals but not this one,one of the largest in our area.

It is the most emblematic festival in the town of Mojácar. It commemorates the events that took place during the reconquest of the town by the Catholic Monarchs. These festivals take place in the middle of June, with the motto “no winners or losers”.

Some of the activities include entertainment groups who will engage adults and children alike, street parades, dancing, dramas, concerts, storytelling for children, fireworks, people on stilts, etc.
One of the most important moments of the festival is the inaugural speech, which remembers the pacts that allowed the original Muslim inhabitants of Mojácar to stay in the town.
The great parade, with formal costumes and armaments, together with bands, brings this historical festival to a close.
So, we have learnt a little bit about Fiestas  --- We have found the Spanish to be very friendly,gregarious,very noisy and do they LOVE to party!
Our village has a Fiesta in October -- we were here once and for 4 nights the music played very loudly until 7.00 a.m and the Spanish danced all night and loved it !
This was in our village streets!

We were driving in the mountains in January and found ourselves in the middle of Lubrin during their festival of the bread and the women were NOT amused when they had to move their settees from the middle of the street so that we could get home. I am sure they would have been a lot happier if we had sat down with them.
The procession at Aguilas Carnival goes on solidly for 6 hours and is the closest to Brazil I have ever seen !
How cute is she!!

So last night we made our way up to the little village on the hilltop.
It was bustling with excitement!

If you arrive as we did at about 10.30 p.m the bar areas are empty but ready!

The little ones are happy to be part of the atmosphere.

And the procession began.

The captains waiting to greet his troops!

The one thing I can not share with you is the absolutely deafening blasts from the Blunderbuss' which played a major part in the celebrations!
And as I said we have found the Spanish friendly and gregarious-- I was hoping for an atmospheric,theatrical shot .This Moor was having none of it and made me stand next to him for a photo shoot!

Well we went home before the serious partying began but it was a wonderful evening!!

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