Tuesday, 15 June 2010

On The Road Again!!

Normal Service will be resumed ASAP!
Well as always the time has just flown by. 
The Festival was amazing and spending time swimming and enjoying the sunshine has been lovely.
Usually we travel from Turre to Santander and the ferry home.
This year we are having a change and travelling  through Spain over the Pyrenees and up through France to Brittany where we are going to spend a week having a trip down Memory Lane!
We used to spend family holidays there and have so many happy memories of those times
About 2 years ago I "met" a fellow lover of all things woolly through a Charity Knitting thread and we are actually going to meet at her house in France.
I am really excited -- It feels like a first date -- I think I can remember that feeling!!
So the Sunshine Bus is packed -- to the rafters but there is plenty of room to sleep.
So I will say a definite Hasta Luego until July 1st when we arrive back in Devon.
I will take some pictures on the way!

Monday, 14 June 2010

The Fiesta of the Moors and Christians -- Sunday Evening -- Part Three!

Well worth the Wait!!
The Grand Parade - All the different Moors and Christian groups accompanied by their own music bands.
The culmination of up to a years effort with costume and finery!
I will just let the photos tell the story.
The photos of the back of the costumes are to show the amazing detail in the designs!

Thankfully the only Blunderbuss we saw or heard!

This little chap looked so serious even when the crowd applauded loudly!

Dear little chaps walking all the way and dressed up beautifully!

A very Royal wave!

How little is he!

The foal from yesterday was still determined not to be left behind!

And the procession went on until darkness fell and the dancers were still smiling.

So the little village on the hillside celebrated for another year. 
I shall look at all the Moorish artefacts and architecture with even more interest from now on!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Fiesata Of The Moors and Christians Part Two - Saturday -- And We Had Better Not Miss The Football !

 Saturday In Mojacar!
Well I had Level Two of my Reiki Course to complete this week and of course the World Cup is beginning to really swing into action. England playing its first match!
Firstly, however, was the Landing of the Moorish troops on the beach at Mojacar Playa, 
A Medieval tournament was staged where Christian Knights and Moorish Lords tried to win their Ladies favours.
There was a little bit of trying to exhibit a softer side when one Lord arrived on horseback complete with foal!

It was certainly not going to be left behind!I

Small rings are hung on a wire and the horsemen have to gallop up to the rings with long lances. If they can "spear" a ring a ribbon is won which matches to the sash of a fair maiden!






Success! The sash is won.


Tactical talk!

And disappointment!

And waiting in the wings the "Ships Of The Desert!"

And all serenaded by the deafening sounds of the Blunderbuss! Neither Spanish horse or Spanish baby bat an eyelid as they rumble and crack!

So the daytime celebrations end and the Spanish gear themselves up for the second night of celebrating until dawn!