Wednesday, 19 May 2010

What do you Google?

Betwixt and Between!
We often Google a wide range of questions,queries or just things we don't know -- and the older we get ( The Sporty One and I ) the more we realise how little we know.And then we promptly forget the answer anyway! Often we find exactly what we want to know. For example how old is Rod Stewart?. How many houses does Sting own?What does craic mean?
Tonight I thought I was feeling a little bit in Limbo -- and then I thought " Am I feeling in Limbo? What does that mean? So I googled it and then I thought well " I am not sure about feeling truly the emotions as per Google but I am betwixt and between!
This is no problem really except as I get older I seem to favour order,completions and a tidy mind. I love yoga and one principle is to concentrate completely on one task and do that task with joy and absolute concentration.
Now in principle I totally agree with that but right now with about 4 hours before we fly back to Spain I would love to finish all of these things ----- but there is absolutely no chance !!
But actually I am not worried because when we get back in July I will have all this to look forward to!
Operation "Stitch Up" Part Two!
 Squares for the Charity Lapacuddlyghans sent by lovely members of the group I belong to called Knit Your Square to Give Your Share!

A piece that Charlotte gave me which needs attention and a dose of T.L.C!

But I do try and always look on the positive side of things and look what I have tucked away, all finished and ready to go!

A batch of hedgehogs should the need arise whilst we are gadding about!

And just time enough to give Buster a birthday treat -- a visit to the Grooming Parlour- Can't say he was very impressed but when the summer arrives he will appreciate it!

So just for now its Goodbye to our English life and the sun is shining in our little corner of Spain!
The Sporty One is being totally unreasonable taking up good wool space in his suitcase with a new pair of football boots!


  1. Great post Linda, Well done with all your Crocheting. You get a lot of satisfaction like i do I can tell! I love your Blankets and all those Squares too! Really nice post,
    Hugs Suex

  2. I love all those crochet square. Especially love the knitted and crochet blanket.
    Julie xxxxxx

  3. I think all you squares ROCK. Let's see I googled Ripple for a pattern and this is how the whole adventure started for me about a year ago. Landed in the Attic and it was all over.


  4. Lovely blankets again, Linda, and as you say, you have plenty to look forward to in July. As I said to Mrs Twins, the multi-coloured blue squares remind me of delft blue porcelain tiles. Have a good trip back and hope you avoid the ash.

  5. Football boots over wool? Whatever is he thinking! Your crochet squares are just lovely Linda. My goodness you have been busy. Have a safe flight back to Spain.

  6. Hi Linda

    Hope you had a good trip back!

    Lovely post and what a lot of squares to put together! The colours are all beautiful, too.

    Hope you have good weather there; it's wonderful here with a brilliant forecast, too. At last it's summer!



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