Sunday, 16 May 2010

Puppies really were welcome at a very special wedding!

"Who Let The Dogs Out!"
Well all that knitting - do you remember? was so worth it when we went to a very special wedding last week. My nephew married Ailsa and they looked so happy.

There were some very happy guests!

A beautiful car!

A very relieved bride and groom -- apart from anything else the rain had stopped!

Some lovely family times

A very proud Mum!

The most gorgeous flowers!

A little bit of fun and distraction!

And last but by no means least some very special guests for the little ones!

They really did look so cute and made some little guests very happy.
So another wedding done,dusted and so much enjoyed.
Now all that is left is to make an apology to Puppet Lady because there will be no more puppies hiding amongst the photos. I shall miss them !


  1. What a lovely wedding! Everyone looks so lovely and happy. I am so glad that you had a super time.

  2. Cor blimey Linda!
    Doesn't Owen look like Andy?!
    And that has to be Pam's daughter..I'm guessing... but they sure do look alike!!
    Glad you had a good day!

  3. great that you has such a special trip home...something to keep you going when you get back :) Love the giveaway idea what you would have chosen for me!! The gift went where it should ISOM land its always the thought that counts!!

  4. What a lovely wedding - it looks as if you all had a memorable day, and you all look so pretty in you wedding outfits. The blue flowers are wonderful - did you know the colour scheme when you made the puppies? I'm sure they'll be, like my puppets, loved and cuddled by the little people. Yes, I'll miss them but I'll still enjoy visiting your blog!


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