Thursday, 6 May 2010

A little Bit Of Clearing Up!

"Bits and Pieces!
We have a busy few days ahead of us-- 2 weddings, 250 miles apart in 24 hours and a long awaited trip to Dublin 48 hours later to see Mr Rod Stewart!
So in true Peter Kay style a little bit of organising has been going on.
Latest Lappycuddlyghans finished.

Squares, Charlotte found at school which we transformed into these colourful blankets

And some lovely squares which have been sent from the charity knitting group I belong to
So operation "Stitch Up" has begun!

I also wanted to get my first Giveaway ready to send - So here it is all packed up and ready to go.

I hope Cindy loves it.

Now just as I am trying to think clearly ( and my eyebrows need some serious attention!!!) a mystery parcel fell through the postbox today! It's not everybody who gets a snowman/lady sent to them in May!

Well I am going to call her Jean!

So I am going to be missing in action for a few days but I will have my camera with me!


  1. Well done, Linda, your lappycuddlies are lovely. Have a great trip and enjoy all your exciting events. No doubt you'll be taking some wool with you on your travels - I can just see you sitting watching Rod with hook in hand!

  2. Thanks Janet-- Yes hook will be with me but I make an exception for Rod-- Too busy clapping abd singing along!!
    Kindest Regards Linda

  3. Hi there! Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for leaving me a lovely comment! Hope the concert went well, lucky you!!

  4. I love your Blankets Linda! Well done! Cute snowman,
    Hugs Suex

  5. Lovely blankets and such a cute snowman. My goodness you are going to be busy. I hope you have a safe trip.

  6. Linda, got your message on my blog - NO WORRIES! Whenever you're ready, you busy lady! ;-) CindyCB. x


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